Samsung Galaxy NX camera on sale, lists for around $2,000

Samsung Galaxy NX
by 11 months ago

Part of their recent focus on higher end cameras brought us the Galaxy NX, the first DSLR running Android. Impressive specs like 3G/4G LTE radios and 1/6000 shutter speed promised a great device with functionality like we’ve never seen, but also hinted at a higher price tag than we were hoping for.

Sony Honami benchmarked, has full HD screen and Snapdragon 800

by 11 months ago

Using the build model of C6903, this is believed to be the Honami we’ve all been talking about, unless Sony somehow slipped one past the rumor goalie. A quick rundown shows it clocks in at 2GHz, though the crew at Xperia blog think it will touch the 2.2GHz threshold of the Xperia Z Ultra, which is consistent with what we’ve been hearing.

Google launches ‘City Experts’ program

Google City Experts
by 11 months ago

If you feel like a walking, talking Google search page when it comes to the city you live in, you may be able to parlay that into something great. Today, Google announced their City Expert program, designed for those who like to recommend great places to eat, sleep, shop, or whatever else is great in their city.

Oppo camera gets a name: N-Lens

Oppo Camera
by 11 months ago

Oppo also told Engadget that this would be the “most important flagship series for Oppo, going forward”. That leads us to believe they’re going the route of tossing a really good camera on a phone, as so many others have done.

Apple patent, important to their ongoing troubles with Samsung, rejected by USPTO

Apple Patent rejected
by 11 months ago

The crux of the patent filing is the ability to distinguish between a two finger pinch action and one finger scrolling on a touchscreen device. Of the 21 claims in this patent filing, claim eight is the most important to their Samsung issues. That claim was crucial to their $1.05 billion initial judgement, but with a settlement review, it could unravel a bit for Apple.

Google testing Translation software for Google Now

by 12 months ago

According to Hugo Barra, who would probably know about things like this, Google is working on real-time translation technology. Much like their current Google Translate technology, which lets two parties talk into a device and have the message display in their native dialect, this centers around conversational situations. The difference is this new process involves conversations over the phone, not personal interaction.