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Install Google Apps and the Android Market on Your Rooted Kindle Fire

December 5, 2011
Once you're able to successfully root a Kindle Fire tablet, you can install Google apps and gain access to the Android Market from the device.
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Using Plex to Stream Videos to Your Android Device

December 1, 2011
Plex is a streaming media Android app that can support numerous formats and stream videos from your desktop to your mobile device.
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How To Automate and Tweak Your Android Phone with Tasker

November 30, 2011
Tasker is an Android app that can help you automate tasks and tweak certain functions in your mobile device.
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How to Launch Android Apps Through Voice Commands Without Internet Connection

November 29, 2011
Voice Control is an Android app that can launch commonly used applications through voice command without using an Internet connection.
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How to Enable Google Maps Extra Features on Your Android Phone

November 28, 2011
Here's how to enable the extra features of Google Maps in your Android phone. These features are available in Labs.
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What’s the Next Phone to Come with Ice Cream Sandwich?

November 25, 2011
Some of the major manufacturers have made pronouncements that they are lining up their future offerings with Ice Cream Sandwich.
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Leaked Screenshots Give Sneak Preview of Google Music

November 15, 2011
Screenshots of Google Music are leaked out days before the official launch of the service. The images are courtesy of Spanish language website TecnoDroidVe.
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Android Superphones are Leading the Charge

November 12, 2011
While sales of wireless handsets are generally on the rise, powerful high-end smart phone models called superphones are predicted to experience a 200% growth rate every year.
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What’s Going To Be Given Away at Google I/O 2012?

November 11, 2011
Google I/O 2012 is scheduled for April 24-25 and will be held in Moscone Center West, San Francisco. Everyone's likely wondering what giveaways will be offered next year. It could very well be a device running on Jelly Bean, the future version of Android.
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Big Games that Fit in Your Droid Bionic

November 11, 2011
New games featuring high-end 3D graphics and animation and complex gameplay are now available for Android smart phones like the Droid Bionic. Presented here are ten of the highest rated games available on Android Market.
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google io 2015 (1)
Chrome - Number of cores in use on octa-core phone.
new moto x first look aa (8 of 21)
android mwc logo 2015 barcelona 3
lg g4 vs samsung galaxy s6 edge quick look aa (5 of 14)
OPPO R7 Hands on-28
android mwc logo 2015 barcelona 7
lg g4 vs samsung galaxy s6 edge quick look aa (13 of 14)
MediaTek Helio X10 chip
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-26
samsung galaxy s6 review aa (32 of 45)
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