Google+ Comments available on Blogger

by on April 18, 2013 2:23 pm
Google+ and Blogger

If you are a Blogger user, you can now add Google+ Comments to your blog. Google announced the new commenting system today, which brings an experience Google+ users should be familiar with.

Google Babel source code leaked in Gmail

by on April 18, 2013 1:01 pm
Google Babel

Google Babel is an upcoming unified messaging system set to replace Talk. We’ve covered many stories on the chat service, and leaked source code reveals an “Upgrade” to Babel.

Cell phone study

Around 1.5 million new Android devices are activated each day. According to a new research study conducted by Google and Compete, 35 percent of cell phone purchases are driven by consumers’ desire to have the “latest and greatest device”.


Speaking today at D: Dive Into Mobile in New York City, CEO Jan Koum broke the news that WhatsApp is now used by over 200 million monthly active users. On an average day, they see 12 billion outbound messages, and 8 billion inbound messages.