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Tech lover and enthusiast, I've been rocking Android since the EVO 4G. When I'm not here writing, you can find me on social media or cracking jokes that nobody laughs at.

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Samsung Experience Shop opens at NYC Best Buy

by: Mike StengerApril 25, 2013
Earlier this month, it was confirmed Samsung would be opening “Experience Shops” inside 1400 Best Buy stores. Today, they kicked off a heavily trafficked location at a Union Square Best Buy in New York City.
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Galaxy S4 announcement lead to 29% increase in Samsung phone trade-ins

by: Mike StengerApril 25, 2013
On March 14, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S4. As of April 24, Samsung devices accounted for 17.2 percent of all trade-ins.
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Galaxy S4 in limited supply ‘due to overwhelming global demand,’ Samsung says

by: Mike StengerApril 24, 2013
Samsung issued an official statement today, confirming reports that the Galaxy S4 is currently in limited supply.
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Over 150 million ‘phablets’ to be sold by 2018, says report

by: Mike StengerApril 24, 2013
As of 2012, phablets accounted for around 12 percent of devices. That number is expected to grow to around 30 percent by 2018.
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HTC One available at T-Mobile stores starting today

by: Mike StengerApril 24, 2013
If you don’t want to wait for shipping, starting today, you can pick up the HTC One from T-Mobile retail stores.
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Galaxy S4 features face tracking technology from DigitalOptics

by: Mike StengerApril 23, 2013
Samsung has signed a multi-year licensing deal with DigitalOptics, and will feature its "FaceTools" face tracking software in the Galaxy S4.
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HTC One breaks new ground, bypasses carrier shenanigans

by: Mike StengerApril 23, 2013
Despite unexpected setbacks, the HTC One is available in the U.S. from top carriers. With the 32GB version costing $199 or less, it’s priced right up there with similarly specced phones. However, as we all know too well, paying the subsidized price means getting locked into a contract, T-Mobile being an exception.
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Google patent reveals augmented reality GPS navigation

by: Mike StengerApril 23, 2013
Filed in March 2009, Google has been granted a new patent. Titled "Panoramic images within driving directions", the patent involves overlaying objects that users are familiar with in today’s navigation systems.
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Next-gen keyboard Minuum raises over $87,000

by: Mike StengerApril 19, 2013
Minuum is an upcoming mobile keyboard that condenses all letters into a single row. Now, almost 10,000 Indiegogo supporters later, it has raised over $87,000.
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ZTE becomes first Chinese manufacturer to produce 500 million handsets

by: Mike StengerApril 19, 2013
During the company’s 15th anniversary celebration of its terminals division, ZTE announced it has become the first Chinese mobile device manufacturer to produce 500 million handsets.
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