Lookout Mobile Security Now Keeps Your Tablet Safe

by 2 years ago

Lookout Mobile Security started out as an Android app and would later make its way into the iOS system as well. Lookout acts as an antivirus, like the one you might have on your computer, to help you block malware, spyware, and Trojans, and it can locate your phone (now your tablet as well) when it’s missing by activating a loud alarm even if it’s on silent. After creating an iOS app, Lookout still wasn’t satisfied and aimed to bring their ultimate security to tablets. Despite the fact that there are more iPads than Android tablets, Lookout has returned to…

“There Are Over 6 Million Android Tablets Out There” – Andy Rubin

by 2 years ago

Just after Google and Samsung took center stage to release Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus, Andy Rubin took a stroll up the road to AsiaD. The topic of discussion covered many things, but the thing that stuck out most to us was the conversation about how many Android tablets have been sold so far. Not long ago, Android tablets were Froyo based. Now, the best Android tablets feature Honeycomb. Since the release of Honeycomb, Android tablets have become much more popular since their early days, and have a good reason to be – they have their own tablet…

Is Google Opening a Music Store? Yes!

by 2 years ago

Details are still scarce as of this moment, but reportedly, Google is coming out with a new music store. Additionally, it will be linked to Google’s Music Beta -which really isn’t so “beta” anymore – and should be launched within a few weeks. This will serve as a competitor to Apple’s iTunes, and also offer Android users better music integration. Google is still working out the details with record labels and publishers, and we’re all excited to see how it turns out. We’re probably going to see both desktop and Android optimized interfaces, and songs for $0.99, much like iTunes….

Top 10 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features You’ve Been Dying to See

by 2 years ago

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is turning out to be the most advanced and most intuitive mobile operating system in the whole world. Take a look at our list of the top 10 most important improvements the new OS brings and which we are most excited to see on our devices. People The new phone and contact apps are something many people are looking forward to getting on their phone. The new update to the contact list gives users a better interface where they can easily navigate their contacts’ info and social networking information and updates. Based off of the…

Will Your Android Tablet Get Ice Cream Sandwich?

by 2 years ago

Ever since the release of the first tablet, people have been amazed at the new technology. Although it is not a whole new breed of technology, it sure seems like it is. More specifically, over 6 million of them have been sold already. And, that’s just Android tablets. Therefore, those 6 million tablet owners are probably wondering when and/or whether they can update to the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. We have a nice full list of our opinions. Motorola XOOM The Motorola XOOM has become one of the most well-known Android tablets and surely deserves that rank….

Andy Rubin and Google Patent “Estimating Remaining Use Time of a Mobile Device” – Good Things To Come?

by 2 years ago

If your a Mac user, you have probably become accustomed to a nice set of tools that help you examine your battery. More specifically, not only can you see a little battery meter and the percent remaining, but your computer can also calculate how much time is left before it will shut down. As Android users, we have not been this lucky. Android provides us with just one of those 3 battery features, the little meter. Although this does look like a nice touch, to find out the full potential of your game-assaulted Android battery, one must find a third…

Toshiba Creates a 498 ppi – 2,560 x 1,600 pixel Display – Take that iPhone “Retina”!

by 2 years ago

Do you remember 720p smartphone displays? Chances are that the sentence above does not really make sense to you because the first 720p smart phones are just in the process of being released. Only having about a month in the spotlight, these displays are already being kicked to the sideline by Toshiba. Earlier this year, Toshiba promised a 4 inch smartphone that would feature a 367 ppi display. However, they have now upped the ante with a 6.1 inch tablet phone “thingy”. It is unclear whether or not the device will be a phone or a tablet, but we do…

Android Developers Create Siri Rival “Iris” in Less Than 8 Hours

Man screaming at phone
by 2 years ago

The newest feature to hit smartphones is, as I like to call it, the imaginary friend feature. Now, you never have to talk to anyone again–evar. Your phone can do it for you. But, seriously, let me give you a little background about this new feature: October 14 – Apple introduces Siri, “Your Personal Assistant” October 19 – Andy Rubin talks at AsiaD and says, “People should talk to people.” Now – Iris. (alpha) hits the Android Market and provides Siri-like functionality Video When iOS 5 was released, Apple put much emphasis on its new feature called Siri: “Siri on iPhone…

Brand Table Speeds Up Fast Food Service Via NFC Technology

by 2 years ago

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been talked about for a while now. However, no one has truly shown what they can do with this new technology. Just recently, S-Digital has done just the opposite of that with its new product called Brand Table.  You can obviously tell by the name that S-Digital will be improving the fast-food industry. The new technology takes new NFC-capable smartphones such as the Galaxy Nexus, and allows for hungry people to go to “Brand Tables” to scan their phones. After doing just that, the fast food company’s menu will appear on the users’ phone…

Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now for $690

by 2 years ago

Are you dying to finally get your hands on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich? It looks to be that NegriElectronics can make all of your dreams come true. They are offering up the phone not only before Google and Samsung even announce a release date, but they are doing it all for just $689.50. Although this price does seem to be a bit on the higher end, it is perfectly normal for a 4G phone to be more expensive. Additionally, we had witnessed Australian pre-order that went as high as $829 via Mobicity. That’s crazy talk! Despite the…