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HTC EVO 4G LTE will receive HD Voice support by the end of the year

by: LucianAugust 7, 2012

The HD Voice technology promises to make phone conversations crystal clear, and the HTC EVO 4G LTE was one of the very first phones to support it, at least in America. But you need a carrier to support it as well, and although Sprint promised tp make it available later this year, the phone itself launched without that functionality working.

Sprint is saying again that the feature will be supported by the end of the year, but there’s just one other problem. If you want to experience phone conversations in HD voice, both the caller and the receiver need to have phones that support this feature. Since the HTC EVO 4G LTE is the only one [...]

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XBMC and OUYA – match made in open source heaven

by: LucianAugust 7, 2012

With XBMC finally arriving on Android, I was thinking it may be just a matter of time before the app is ported to the Android-based OUYA console. Now the XBMC team is announcing that they will do a lot more than just port the app: and it will actually be integrated in OUYA.

The talks between the 2 teams are still young, but it’s possible that OUYA wants XBMC to be its default media center app. The match-up between the two makes perfect sense because they both have the same open source philosophies. What better device to be the home of XBMC than a very affordable $99 Android console?

According to the XBMC Community Manager, they’ve received a lot of [...]

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CM10 is now available on all Sony Xperia 2011 handsets

by: LucianAugust 7, 2012

Sony has been one of the more supportive companies when it comes to sending its own code back to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and for this reason it has been a lot easier for custom ROM makers like the CyanogenMod team to port the latest version of Android to the latest Sony devices. This is why we’re now getting an alpha version of CM10 for all Sony Xperia devices that were launched in 2011.

CM10 is the Jelly Bean version of the CyanogenMod ROM, and according to the CM team, it should work on most or all devices that supported CM9/ICS. While the CM9 ROM is still not final yet, even though there have been 9 months since ICS [...]

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Khronos announces the OpenGL ES 3.0 specification

by: LucianAugust 7, 2012

The OpenGL ES 2.0 specification has been finalized since 2007, but we didn’t get to use it in smartphones until 2009, when the iPhone and Android phones started supporting it in hardware. It still feels like a long time for the OpenGL ES specification to be updated, though. But the wait is over, as Khronos, the group responsible for OpenGL, OpenCL, OpenVL (augmented reality) and other open standards, has finally announced that the OpenGL ES 3.0 specification has been ratified.

The OpenGL ES 3.0 specification is largely an implementation of the desktop version of OpenGL 3.3, with some other features taken from OpenGL 4.x. Compared to [...]

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HTC’s sales down 45% in July compared to a year ago

by: LucianAugust 7, 2012

HTC doesn’t seem to be doing too well lately, even after the big launch of the One series, and the much praised HTC One X smartphone. Yesterday they said that their sales fell by 45% in the month of July compared to the same month last year, from T$45.11 billion to T$25 billion ($834 million). The sales were also down compared the previous month by T$5 billion.

Things seem to be going downhill for HTC, and with the next iPhone being just a month away from launch, it doesn’t look like they will recover too soon. However, they are rumored to make a 5″ phone with a 1080p screen for this fall, but I’m not sure if that will be enough to help [...]

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Google, Apple start bidding for Kodak’s digital patents

by: LucianAugust 7, 2012

WSJ reported yesterday that Kodak’s upcoming patent auction already has 2 bidders: Google and Apple, and each has bids between $150 million and $250 million so far. Kodak, however, is expecting up to $2.6 billion for its 1,100 digital patents to pay off its creditors.

This may be wishful thinking for Kodak, but who knows how fast the bids will escalate with Apple in there. Apple doesn’t really care about the money they have to spend, so they will try to at least raise the cost for Google as much as possible provided Google does retain them eventually.

The two companies are not actually bidding by themselves, but are [...]

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Chrome surpasses IE, claims one third of the browser market

by: LucianAugust 6, 2012

Who knew that Google Chrome would get so far? It now accounts for 1/3 of the market, and it has the highest browser market share as well, surpassing the total market share of IE (IE7, IE8, IE9) on its own. Chrome took 33.4% market share in June, according to StatCounter, while IE took only 32%. Firefox was at 23.7%, while Safari was at 7.1%.

What’s nice about Chrome is that it auto-updates every few weeks, so pretty much everyone is on the latest version of Chrome, benefiting from the latest features and latest performance improvements, and enjoying faster-loading web pages.

Compare this to IE, which has almost the same market [...]

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ARM announces second generation Mali T600 GPUs, supporting video resolutions of up to 8k

by: LucianAugust 6, 2012

Although we haven’t even seen the first generation of Mali T600 series GPUs shipping, ARM is already announcing the second generation of T600 GPUs, not only for the Mali T604, but also for the GPU-compute-oriented Mali T658. These second generation GPUs are the Mali T624 (4 cores) and Mali T628 (8 cores) for the graphics-oriented chips, and Mali T678 for the GPU compute oriented product.

Why is ARM announcing such a confusing move right now? Because it seems that, while they think GPU compute will be an important part of mobile GPUs in the future, they aren’t sure just how important it will be. GPU compute hasn’t really caught on in the mainstream PC [...]

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GameKlip pairs real controllers to smartphones

by: LucianAugust 6, 2012

One of the main complaints about gaming on a smartphone is that you just can’t play a “normal” game on a smartphone just with touch controls, because the experience is too poor and it’s too hard to play this way. Sony tried to solve this problem with the Xperia Play, but the problem was they didn’t want it to compete too much with their upcoming PS Vita back then, and they didn’t put hardware that is worthy of gaming on that device.

Another problem with the Xperia Play is that trying to put a controller inside a phone made it too thick and even awkward to use for most people, so it was only really a niche [...]

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The amazing Horn game to be released this month on mobile devices

by: LucianAugust 4, 2012

Phosphor Games’ Horn is looking to be one of those Android games that you absolutely have to buy. The game is based on the Unreal Engine, which means impressive graphics are assured, and it seems to resemble a lot the very popular iOS game Infinity Blade.

The team behind Infinity Blade seems to have made some sort of exclusivity deal with Apple, and they aren’t going to bring the game to Android anytime soon. Fortunately, Horn looks to be a much better overall game than Infinity Blade.

The Horn game is a much deeper and richer game than the simple boss fights in Infinity Blade. It’s mainly an adventure game that reminds you of Zelda or [...]

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