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Why Verizon Is Blocking Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus

by: LucianDecember 7, 2011

We’ve heard rumors about Verizon blocking Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus a while ago, and while this is as anti-competitive as it gets, especially after the new open spectrum and net neutrality rules that Google helped push, they manage to pull this off by having Google not make the app available in the first place. If the app is not available, it means they are off the hook.

There are 2 reasons why they would want to do this. The first one is the most shameless one, and it’s because they want their upcoming mobile payment app Isis, which is a competitor to Google Wallet, to become the defacto payment app for all their Android handsets. Knowing carriers, [...]

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Android Market – 10 Billion App Downloads So Far. Now, 1 Billion Downloads Per Month

by: LucianDecember 6, 2011

The Android Market has reached 10 billion total downloads since its launch, and it looks like the number of downloads per month are already as many as the iOS (1 billion), which means it will soon surpass the Apple app store in downloads per month.

There’s still the issue if developers make as much money on Android as they do on iOS, and there have been many reasons in the past why they couldn’t make as much, but one by one those issues are being eliminated. For example, at first, Android just didn’t have such a huge user base, so obviously it couldn’t have made as much money for the developers. Now the user base is almost as big.  Apple still [...]

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CyanogenMod Will Never Use CarrierIQ or Anything Similar

by: LucianDecember 2, 2011

I’m not too surprised by this as it wouldn’t even cross my mind that CyanogenMod would ever use data monitoring tools like CarrierIQ, but in case anyone was worried, fear not – the team has just confirmed that they will never use it in their software.

Everybody with access to a web browser over the last week or so has undoubtedly seen the recent upheaval about Carrier IQ. The truth is, Carrier IQ has been around for quite some time. It is one of the nastier examples of bloatware installed by carriers, and it is more than likely something that will always be there in some form or fashion. That is, as long as your phone is running the OEM provided [...]

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Asus Transformer Prime Preview Pictures

by: LucianNovember 30, 2011

BusinessInsider have gotten their hands on an Asus Transformer Prime and so far they are very impressed with how it looks, how thin it is and how fast it performs. They say that unlike other tablets out there who are made out of flimsy plastic, the Transformer is made out of solid aluminum, while being even thinner and lighter than an iPad 2, with a 8.3 mm (vs 8.8mm) thinness and 586g (vs 601g) weight.

Even though it still runs Honeycomb 3.2 (Android 4.0 update coming by the end of the year), they say the performance of the quad core Tegra 3 is very noticeable for all tasks, while the Tegra 3 optimized games look incredible on it. I’ve said it before that while the [...]

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Windows 8 Could Help Bring Down the Entire Windows Domination

by: LucianNovember 29, 2011

I remember when years ago people were hoping that Linux would end Windows’ domination in the market place, especially with a crippled Apple at the beginning of last decade. Linux, an open source OS, was our last chance for that happening, at least back then. But Microsoft made sure nothing would be threatening their monopoly, and over the years they made deals in such a way that manufacturers were compelled to use Windows anyway. Add to that the fact that they’d rather turn a blind eye to the piracy in Asia and other poor countries, and have Windows on every machine there, than force them to choose the free Linux, and help Linux rise as a popular consumer OS, [...]

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Asus Transformer Prime Hands-On [Video]

by: LucianNovember 28, 2011

The Asus Transformer Prime is by far the most hotly anticipated tablet this holiday season, and while it remains to be seen if it will have Android 4.0 on time for Christmas, it should still be highly impressive, especially from a hardware point of view. As you’ll see in the video below, both the tablet part and the keyboard look extremely thin but also durable, thanks to the full aluminum body and the Gorilla Glass screen.

While the HD IPS display and the shape and feel of the device itself will impress you at a first look, what’s inside also impresses as well. the Asus Transformer Prime will be the first tablet with a quad core processor, which should [...]

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Are Sony and LG Ready to Up Their Game in 2012?

by: LucianNovember 28, 2011

Sony is promising to update their whole Xperia line-up to Android 4.0 next year, and also LG says they will update at least 4 of the Optimus phones to ICS: LG Optimus 2X, 3D, Black and LTE. Out of the 4 the LG Optimus Black is the only single core one, so this gives us confirmation that Android 4.0 will work on single core phones, too, in case you were worried – with the whole Nexus One not getting it thing.

Of course, I believe Nexus One is not getting it mainly because of internal storage constraints than anything, and perhaps because even Google doesn’t want to extend the update process for more than the promised 18 months of updates (back at I/O 2011). [...]

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HTC Needs a Change of Strategy

by: LucianNovember 23, 2011

I don’t think HTC has had a very clear strategy of where they are going for the past 6-12 months. They seem more focused on incremental improvements, releasing more products into the market and using the same type of processor. This choice of strategy has started reflecting in their revenues, and it seems next quarter’s growth will be flat at best:

“Fourth-quarter revenue will be approximately the same as a year earlier, when it was NT$104 billion ($3.4 billion), the Taoyuan, Taiwan-based company said in an exchange statement today. Last month, HTC forecast sales to range between NT$125 billion and NT$135 billion. Sales will slow quarter-on-quarter [...]

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Android App Revenue Only 7% of iOS Revenue? Not So Fast

by: LucianNovember 22, 2011

Up until last year Android revenue for app developers used to be pretty abysmal, and in some cases it was even 50 times smaller than iOS revenue. This was in part because of Apple’s huge lead with the iPhone in user base, when Android was still just in the growing period.

So I saw a report yesterday saying that Android apps get only 7% of the revenue of iOS, I immediately thought that’s an improvement, considering it’s just 15x smaller. However, I also thought it sounds a little too small considering how far Android has gotten, with 200 million devices versus Apple’s 250 million. Plus, I had a feeling he would compare the revenues the wrong [...]

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LG to Announce a Google TV Device at CES. Is Samsung Next?

by: LucianNovember 14, 2011

Yes, Logitech is giving up on Google TV. But Logitech is only an accessories company anyway, and a company that isn’t that big in the TV market. LG on the other hand, is the 2nd biggest TV manufacturer, and them joining the Google TV ecosystem could be a huge deal for Google TV and it could jumpstart its market. Rumors say that LG will announce a new device that’s running Google TV at CES in January.

Will this be a TV set or a set top box? My bet is on a TV, although I wouldn’t rule out a set top box either. If you ask me, I think all TV’s should come with software like Google TV to drastically enrich your experience, and allow you access to not [...]

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