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HTC Flyer to Get Android 4.0 Update in the First Quarter

by: LucianJanuary 23, 2012

The HTC Flyer was HTC’s first tablet, which I have to say, although not too bad looking, it didn’t really impress, with perhaps the one exception of promoting the handwriting and drawing features on it. But otherwise it showed how HTC didn’t really understand tablets when they entered the market.

First, it sold for around $600 in most places, and that’s without the $80 stylus. That was one of the biggest mistakes HTC did, because they followed Motorola’s failed pricing strategy of starting with a high price. Both HTC and Motorola should’ve known from the beginning that a tablet that is more expensive than the iPad was not going to [...]

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The White House Joins Google+

by: LucianJanuary 23, 2012

You might associate the White House with Obama right now, since he’s the president and all, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re an Obama supporter or not (he actually joined Google+ last November), because this is about the institution itself. It means future presidents and their administrations will keep using it, too.

So this is a big deal for Google+ because it makes it “official” that Google+ is a social network that is here to stay. If the Government institutions themselves start using Google+, then that can only be a good thing for Google+ because more people will hear about it and will have to interact with it.

It seems that [...]

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Tizen to Merge with Bada. Is This a Threat to Android or WP7?

by: LucianJanuary 17, 2012


Remember Meego? Poor ol’ Meego has gone through a lot of transitions, from the original Maemo, to being merged with Intel’s Moblin, to now being merged once again with Samsung’s own OS, Bada, which will be made open source when it will be merged with Meego, and form Tizen. All Bada applications will work in Tizen, and if developers know how to make Bada apps, they should be able to make Tizen apps, too.

But why does Samsung want to support yet another OS? Or better yet, what are they trying to achieve by pushing Bada/Tizen even harder into the market? Samsun has at least several main reasons why it wants to do this.

Samsung wants [...]

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NSA-Grade “Security Enhanced” Android Source Released

by: LucianJanuary 17, 2012

NSA and the military seem to love Android more and more because of it’s open source nature. First, it’s based on Linux, and NSA is already very familiar with it. They’ve had a SELinux version for a while, and now they are bringing those security enhancements to the Android Open Source Project as well.

The military has also been using Android for a while now, and they will also welcome these improvements. Unfortunately, the improvements are still only for older non-ICS versions of Android, but they can probably expect an SE-ICS version of Android in the next few months, too, which also comes with its own security improvements, such as full disk [...]

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Windows 8 Tablets to Cost Twice as Much as High-End Android Tablets ($600-$900)

by: LucianJanuary 16, 2012

I can’t say this comes as a completely surprise to me, but Digitimes reports that Intel-powered Windows 8 tablets will cost anywhere between $600 and $900. The reason this doesn’t come off as a surprise is because I knew x86 hardware, and especially Intel hardware, will add significantly to the cost of the tablets. Just look at what it has done to the original Google TV set top box, and also to the Chromebooks. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that all smart TV makers want to use ARM instead. Intel hardware is just much more expensive than ARM hardware, and this will hurt Windows 8 tablets, which are set to come months ahead any ARM version.

The second [...]

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CyanogenMod 9 Preview on the HP Touchpad

by: LucianJanuary 13, 2012

The HP Touchpad was a turning point. Everyone saw that there is a huge potential for inexpensive tablets that are simply “good enough” for daily tasks. So when the firesale happened, and the tablet was being sold for $99, a lot of people rushed to get it. Many of these people, while they knew they would be pretty satisfied with webOS, too, what they really wanted was to get the tablet so they can put Android 4.0 on it later on.

Since Honeycomb wasn’t open-sourced and Android 2.3 didn’t look all that well on tablets, everyone was waiting patiently for Google to open source Android 4.0 and for the CyanogenMod team to start working on a port for [...]

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Kindle Fire Stole Two Million Units from iPad Sales Last Quarter

by: LucianJanuary 11, 2012

Even though the Kindle Fire was launched in the middle of the quarter, it still managed to steal approximately 2 million units in sales away from the iPad. The original projection was for 16 million units during the whole quarter, but the analysts now think they’ve only sold 13 million, which is 3 million short, out of which they think 2 million were lost to the Kindle Fire and about 1 million to regular Android tablets.

Apple has said before that they don’t believe Kindle Fire will affect their sales at all, but apparently they’ve just been proven wrong.¬†Also, some Apple analysts have even said that Kindle Fire will only crush other Android tablets, [...]

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Net Marketshare Shows Highly Misleading Stats. Again

by: LucianJanuary 10, 2012

I’m getting really tired of arguing against Net Marketshare stats. Every month they post the same type of hugely misleading stats. But this month they’ve really surpassed themselves in how much they are misleading people. There are so many things wrong with their stats, I barely know where to start.

Let’s start with the misleading tactic they keep using over and over again.

1) Browser Usage vs Browser Units

If we were comparing just PC browsers, or just phone browsers, maybe I wouldn’t argue much against this, but even then, counting “browser usage’ or better said “time spent in a browser”, is really a pretty [...]

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INQ Abandons the “Facebook Phone” in Favor of Android 4.0

by: LucianJanuary 6, 2012

I never thought the “Facebook phone” idea will catch on, because I don’t think Facebook is “enough of a service” to warrant making a whole phone around it. Plus, this was most likely a push from Facebook than anything else, which means it didn’t really come into the market in a natural way, and the market rejected it.

The “INQ Cloud Q” Facebook phone apparently wasn’t very successful in the market, and neither were some of the Facebook phones of HTC. So this idea is pretty much dead now. Plus, HTC needs to do a whole lot more if they want to get back on track. Making a “Facebook phone” is not exactly [...]

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Quad Core Meizu MX to Arrive in May 2012. Could Use Samsung’s Quad Core Exynos 4412

by: LucianDecember 27, 2011

Meizu have made a name for themselves in China, and their quality and powerful devices are starting to be acknowledged by the West, too, which means that it might not be long until they start selling them to Europe and US, as well.

The dual core Meizu MX is already featuring a dual core Exynos chip from Samsung, and according to other rumors there will be a quad core Galaxy S3 that would feature the Exynos 4412 (based on Cortex A9). That means that it’s also possible that the next Meizu MX will come with that chip as well.

It wouldn’t make it the first quad core phone on the market. I’m sure even HTC will have a quad core Tegra 3 phone out by [...]

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