Strategy Analytics: Android Tablets Capture a Record 39% Market Share in Q4 2011

by 2 years ago

According to Strategy Analytics, a ┬ámarket research company, Android managed to capture a whooping 39% market share in Q4 last year, or to be more exact – 10.5 million Android tablets were sold in Q4. Apple maintained its lead at 58% market share, but for how long? So what helped Android tablets surge so much?┬áThe biggest factor in this rise is definitely the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet which was a phenomenal success that surprised even Amazon. The reason Kindle Fire was so successful is because it was a decent tablet that sold for less than half the price of an…

CyanogenMod 9 ICS on the Samsung Epic 4G Is Fast and Smooth

by 2 years ago

Owners of Galaxy S devices and their cousin devices like the Epic 4G haven’t been too lucky, with the updates in US being so slow to arrive. I doubt any of you will ever see the full Android 4.0 update on your devices, and if Samsung does decide to bring their “value pack” to it, it will still take many more months to do it.┬áSo why not get the best next thing – CyanogenMod 9, the ICS version of CyanogenMod that is now available for the┬áSamsung Epic 4G? First of all, the general CM9 is still in alpha mode, but…

Samsung: We’re Leading the Way for Android

by 2 years ago

LaptopMag has a pretty insightful interview with┬áRyan Bidan, product marketing manager for Samsung, and we can see what Samsung thinks about the Android ecosystem right now, and a bit about where they are going in 2012. One of the more interesting quote’s I saw from him was when he said that Android 4.0 implemented some features that were in TouchWiz first: So what role does your TouchWiz software play in this dynamic and does it really add value? Bidan:┬áIf you look between Gingerbread and Honeycomb and some of the stuff that we did on there with TouchWiz, a lot of…

Sony Ericsson Releases WebGL Implementation for Android 4.0 as Open Source

by 2 years ago

WebGL is already supported on more tan 50% of the PC’s thanks to every browser out there – except IE. And very soon we’re going to see WebGL implemented in Android, too. My guess is Google will (finally) port Chrome to Android ┬á5.0, and they will showcase it at Google I/O this year (an event that covers both Android and Chrome).┬áBut even if they don’t do that, I’m almost certain they will add WebGL support to the Android browser. It’s long overdue, if only because people have been asking for it since before the last Google I/O. And even if…

Nokia’s 1.5 Billion S40 Phones Number Is Irrelevant for Today’s Markets

by 2 years ago

Nokia has just announced that since 1999 they managed to sell 1.5 billion S40 mobile devices. That is an impressive number in a world that was starting to use a mobile phone for the first time and that grew up with Nokia. I’m not going to argue whether Nokia was or was not a great company in the past. It clearly was, and I’ve owned several Nokia phones myself.┬áThe question is how relevant are those numbers today? Those type of phones are becoming obsolete and quickly starting to be replaced by lower-end Android phones. Thanks to companies like Huawei, ZTE…

Raspberry Pi GPU is Twice as Powerful as the iPhone 4S GPU

Raspberry Pi computer
by 2 years ago

Remember Raspberry Pi, the tiny $25 computer that’s launching very soon, and promises to revolutionize the world? It seems its GPU comprehensively beats the Tegra 2 GPU and is even twice as powerful as the iPhone 4S GPU. At the heart of the device it’s a┬áBroadcom BCM2835 chip that comes with a 700 Mhz CPU, and this ultra-powerful GPU. A Broadcom employee had this to say about it: “I was on the team that designed the graphics core, so I’m a little biased here, but I genuinely believe we have the best mobile GPU team in the world at Broadcom…

Developers Are Shooting Down the Myth that “Android Can Never Be as Smooth as iOS”

by 2 years ago

About a month ago, there was a post from a former Google intern who worked on Android, where he tried to give his opinion on how the UI works on Android and how it works on iOS. His post became viral because it seemed like a pretty elaborate technical post, and for non-developers especially it seemed like what he’s saying made sense. The intern also said that because the way (he thinks) the Android UI works, it can never be as smooth as the UI of iOS. Well, since then, a lot of more experienced developers have taken issue with…

Android to Become the #1 Choice for Developers in 2012

by 2 years ago

Android has had a very tough uphill battle with Apple over developers. This has been because of 2 reasons. One reason is that Apple had the headstart in both iPhone units and customer base, but also in the ecosystem. This made it so most new mobile developers would be naturally inclined to go with the iPhone ecosystem first. The more developers there were working for the iOS platform and more success stories appeared, the more wanted to join it. The second reason was that Google hasn’t really cared about developers until more recently. In the first few years there were…

Next-Gen LG Optimus 3D to Appear at MWC

by 2 years ago

Last year, LG started pushing the idea that smartphones should have 3D screens, and they were the first to do it well with the parallax barrier technology, which basically shows you animations in 3D on the screen without having to wear 3D glasses. If you ask me I think this whole 3D thing is mostly a gimmick, whether we’re talking about 3D movies or 3D screens, but it can certainly impress when you try it for a short while. The successor of LG Optimus 3D, dubbed LG CX2 for now, is poised to appear at MWC this year, and should…

WiFi Display to Make Your Life Easier in 2012

by 2 years ago

Later this year, there will be a new industry standard called WiFi Display, that will start appearing in both mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also smart TV’s. Both TI and Qualcomm are pushing for this standard in 2012 and we should expect at least a few devices to have it by the end of the year. Samsung and Nvidia haven’t announced anything related to this, but Samsung is one of the biggest TV manufacturers, and they are good at pushing new standards, so I’m sure they will have this, too, most likely starting with the Galaxy S3….