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Motorola Announces New RAZR “Developer Edition” with Unlocked Bootloader for Europe

by: LucianJanuary 30, 2012

Was it all a dream? Maybe Motorola doesn’t really want to release fewer models in 2012, or maybe these RAZR editions are just the last we’re going to see of this market flooding strategy of theirs. Either way, it looks like soon we’re going to see yet another RAZR model, this time one that has unlocked bootloader and is destined for Europe.

In case you were wondering, it won’t have the 3300 mAh battery that the RAZR MAXX has, even though I think all phones should have that kind of battery, from low-end to high-end, because I think the extra battery life is worth the extra battery cost. But seeing how things are going, I wouldn’t be [...]

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Samsung Launches Dual Core 1 Ghz Galaxy S Advance – But Was It Necessary?

by: LucianJanuary 30, 2012

Just as I was starting to praise Samsung for their “few-models” strategy over the past couple of years, and how HTC and Motorola, realizing their mistake of trying to flood the market with uninspiring phones, are going to follow Samsung’s strategy in 2012, here comes Samsung which seems increasingly more interested in doing the same kind of market flooding that HTC and Motorola did in 2011.

Apparently, they are just launching a new Galaxy S model, called Galaxy S Advance, which is a dual core 1 Ghz smartphone, with Super AMOLED display and 800×480 resolution, 768 MB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, 5 MP rear camera, and 1.3 MP front-camera. Oh, and it [...]

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The New RIM CEO Is Worse than the Ones He Replaced. There, I Said It

by: LucianJanuary 27, 2012


I’ve had a very bad feeling about the change of CEO’s at RIM since day one. And the more I see the new CEO talk, the more I think RIM can only be worse off after this transition, even though the whole reason why they even did this was to change things for the better.

The reason I initially thought it’s a bad change, was mainly because he seems to want the same thing the former leadership wanted, and not to rock the boat too much. But this vision is exactly why everyone from the outside thought RIM should get rid of the 2 CEO’s in the first place. The current “vision” of the company is exactly why it’s in trouble [...]

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The European Commission Approves Sony’s Acquisition of Sony Ericsson

by: LucianJanuary 27, 2012

Sony has finally gained full control over Sony Ericsson after they paid 1.05 billion euro for the shares they didn’t own before. So what does this mean for Sony and where does the smartphone division go from here?

Sony realizes that smartphones are becoming more important than ever – perhaps more important than simple phones ever were. The smartphone doesn’t just fulfill the simple function of calling anymore. It’s also your very personal computing that you take everywhere with you. And in many poor countries, a cheap smartphone may be the only type of computer young people could have for years, before they even have their own PC.

A [...]

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Should the Galaxy S3 Wait for a Dual Core Cortex A15 CPU and a Mali T604 GPU?

by: LucianJanuary 27, 2012

Remember that just around the time when the Galaxy S 2 was being launched in US, there were rumors about the Galaxy S3 launching as soon Q1 2012? Some people were upset about it arriving so early, especially Americans who just got theirs, while others were wondering if that would even be possible.

Technically, I think it’s possible for a true next-gen device to replace the previous version after only 9 months. But this can only be done by the best and the most efficient manufacturers in the industry right now – like Samsung, HTC and even Motorola (disregarding the Bionic here). Others like Sony Ericsson or Nokia are much slower, and need at least 12 months [...]

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Next-Gen Galaxy Tab to Have a Dual Core 2 Ghz Cortex A15 Chip and 2560×1600 Resolution

by: LucianJanuary 27, 2012

Last November Samsung said they were working on a dual core 2 Ghz Cortex A15 chip called Exynos 5250.  A dual core 2 Ghz Cortex A15 chip should be at least 2.5x as powerful as the current dual core 1.2 Ghz Cortex A9 chip in Galaxy S 2. And that’s a difference that you will feel in real world performance, unlike with current quad core chips, where you might feel an improvement in performance, but not twice as big, and only for certain apps and games.

This chip will apparently use the much more powerful Mali T604 GPU, which should be about 5x as powerful as the current Mali, according to ARM. And it will apparently be used to power the resolution of the next-gen [...]

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Sony Xperia S to Have “Dirt-Repellent Coating” and “Fast Charging”

by: LucianJanuary 26, 2012

Could 2012 finally be the year when Sony becomes a top 3 Android manufacturer? I don’t know yet, because I have to see more about how committed they are not only to software upgrades (which so far looks promising, considering they were the first to say all their Xperia phones from 2011 will get Android 4.0), but also to having the best of the best tech on the market.

I can see them pushing new technologies like Sony’s Bravia display, or HD resolution (like this phone will have), compelling hardware design, and phones that are as slim as their best competition. And now we find out that this phone, the Xperia S will also have technology that will repel dirt [...]

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Goodbye Menu Button. Hello Action Bar

by: LucianJanuary 26, 2012

Google is finally putting an end to the menu button which has probably been one of Android’s biggest downsides UI wise. They are telling developers to stop thinking of those actions that used to be there inside the menu button, and instead use the most important ones in the “action bar” that’s in Android 4.0+, or even implement them inside the app, as many iOS developers have already done on their iOS apps, and other Android developers have done it, too.

So why am I saying the menu button was such a big problem? There are 2 reasons – one that is that the physical buttons are completely disconnected from the touch experience, and second is [...]

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Qualcomm Wants to Set the Standard in Games for Its Own Chips

by: LucianJanuary 26, 2012

Qualcomm has noticed how Nvidia and Samsung are stealing their thunder away because of their weak GPU’s and because developers prefer to make games that are the a little more optimized for those platforms, as well. So to respond to that, they made GameCommand, which is a competitor to the Tegra Zone, where they show all games that are optimized for Snapdragon devices.

But they are not stopping there. They’ve already built an in-house studio to make some Android games themselves, and they will release one title every year. Think of it as the “Nexus” of games for Qualcomm devices. They will use it to show other developers how games should look [...]

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Droid RAZR MAXX Launches Today. Features a Huge 3300 mAh Battery

by: LucianJanuary 26, 2012

The Droid RAZR certainly turned some heads back in November. It was probably the most innovative phone I saw all year design and build wise, thanks to its ultra-thin 7.7mm kevlar body. How can many people can say their phone is protected by kevlar? The only reason it didn’t reach its true potential is because a day later the Galaxy Nexus stole most of its thunder, not necessarily because of the hardware or because of its design, but because it had stock Android 4.0. By comparison, the RAZR had what looked like a year old OS, even if it had more recent Gingerbread updates.

Today, Motorola is launching, I guess what they’d consider, a sequel to the RAZR [...]

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