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Rovio to launch the Bad Piggies game, an alternative to Angry Birds, on September 27th

by: LucianSeptember 4, 2012
Rovio is set to launch its latest game, called Bad Piggies that's an alternative to the Angry Birds world, on September 27. Could this be the game to make people interested in Angry Birds again?
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Cortex A9 beats Intel Atom at the same clock speed

by: LucianSeptember 4, 2012
An independent user tested a dual core 1.0GHz Cortex A9 chip against a dual core Intel Atom chip running at the same speed. The results may seem surprising as it seems common knowledge that Atom would beat ARM chips in performance clock per clock, but as I've said before, Intel is not yet ready to take on the mobile market with its Atom chips.
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Sony publishes Xperia S binaries to help with the AOSP “experiment”

by: LucianSeptember 4, 2012
Sony shows good will by publishing Xperia S binaries for the AOSP project. This should make it easier to port stock Android to the Sony Xperia S, and it could be a sign for a Sony Nexus device in the future.
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Google is planning to sell the Motorola set top box business

by: LucianAugust 30, 2012

According to two people familiar with the matter, Google has tapped financial firm Barclays to help them sell Motorola’s set top box business to interested buyers. Things are still early, but Google is hoping to sell it for as much as $2 billion. The move comes soon after Motorola laid off 20% of its workforce and closed down 30% of its 90 facilities, as a way to decrease costs and increase profitability.

This may be just another way for Google to make Motorola a lean division, that is profitable and self-sustaining. However, it comes as a bit of a surprise – when news broke out that Google is buying Motorola a year ago, people [...]

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Sony unveils the Sony Xperia T flagship smartphone

by: LucianAugust 29, 2012
Sony unveils its latest flagship smartphone at IFA 2012: the Sony Xperia T, which boasts a dual core 1.5 Ghz S4 processor, 4.6" HD screen, NFC and a 13 MP camera with an Exmor R sensor. Unfortunately, it will only arrive with Android 4.0, but Sony promises a quick upgrade to Jelly Bean.
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Samsung announces high-speed 64GB UHS-I SD and microSD cards

by: LucianAugust 29, 2012
Samsung unveils their new high-speed 64 GB UHS-I SD and microSD cards at IFA 2012. The cards can reach 80/40 MB/s read/write speeds for the class 10 SD cards, and 70/20 MB/s read/write speeds for Class 10 microSD cards that go into mobile devices. This is the future of smartphones and tablets.
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HTC CEO e-mail: We need to kill bureaucracy

by: LucianAugust 16, 2012
In an e-mail sent to the whole company, HTC's CEO urges everyone to eliminate bureaucracy because it's slowing them down, and making them uncompetitive. The CEO asks employees to focus more on innovation to escape these short term challenges.
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Humble Bundle 3 for Android brings 5 new games: FieldRunners, SpaceChem, Uplink, Bit.Trip Beat, and Spirits

by: LucianAugust 15, 2012
Humble Bundle for Android is coming back with 5 new games: FieldRunners, SpaceChem, Uplink, Bit.Trip Beat, and Spirits. Pay what you want for the first 4, or at least the average price of $5.75 for all 5.
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Samsung says 10 million Galaxy Note devices were sold in 9 months

by: LucianAugust 15, 2012
At the media event today, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1, and said they've sold 10 million Galaxy Note devices within 9 months. Samsung believes they've created a new product category for touchscreen devices with stylus support. But it remains to be seen if the Galaxy Note was a one hit wonder, or the 10" Galaxy Note 10.1 can continue the success of Galaxy Note.
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LG sells 5 million LTE devices, 1 million in July alone

by: LucianAugust 15, 2012
LG manages to sell 5 million LTE devices in total and it's seeing accelerated growth with 1 million being sold in the month of July. That doesn't help them surpass their arch-rival, Samsung, though, and they need to work a lot harder to do that.
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