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Ken is an expert on management and is currently engrossed with his newly started adventure in logistics management. But, that's only his second love. His first love, of course, and without being mushy when this is said, is Android.

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Camera Wars: iPhone 4S vs the Android Elite

by: Ken EastOctober 18, 2011
A recently posted article in PCWorld discusses the reality as to whether the the new iPhone 4s can capture still images and videos better than the latest and best Android smartphones. The iPhone 4S was put to the test against the Samsung Galaxy S II, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, the Motorola DROID Bionic, the HTC Sensation 4G, and the Nikon Coolpix P300. How do they stack up?
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Huawei MediaPad Visits FCC, Heading to T-Mobile

by: Ken EastOctober 18, 2011

The Huawei MediaPad has made its mandatory visits at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lately and  has been given FCC approval, which hints that the Android tablet is nearing its launching.

The FCC, being an independent agency of the U.S. government in charge of approving communication devices before they are released to the market, has apparently checked the Huawei MediaPad inside-out, making sure that it follows standards.

After getting the needed approval from the regulatory commission, the Huawei MediaPad will apparently be heading straight to T-Mobile, although the launch date is still unknown at the [...]

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NSA, White House Keen on Using “Hardened” Android Kernel

by: Ken EastOctober 17, 2011

It will probably not be long before U.S. soldiers can use Android smartphones for military operations.   Thanks to a project that resulted in a “hardened” kernel of the Android 3.0 platform, the military will soon be able to provide secure Android-based smartphones and tablets to combat troops. The White House is following the project closely, too.

A research team from Google, George Mason University, and the National Security Agency contributed to the “hardened” Android 3.0 kernel, which is now in the final leg of being certified for military use, according to a report from Defense Systems.

The White House is also interested in this [...]

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Motorola DROID RAZR Official Specs “Confirmed,” Said To Trump iPhone 4S

by: Ken EastOctober 17, 2011

As the final countdown for the expected launching of the Motorola DROID RAZR on Verizon Wireless narrows down to just a few hours, recent reports have sprung up regarding confirmed official specs for the Android smartphone.

According to Boy Genius Report (BGR) insider sources, the Motorola DROID RAZR (also codenamed the Motorola DROID HD and the Motorola Spyder) is confirmed to have a 1.2-GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, which is practically twice the RAM on the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S.

Moreover, the DROID RAZR is confirmed to have the same screen size of 4.3 inches as the internationally acclaimed power phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II.  The device is [...]

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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 Release Date Rumored for November 7

by: Ken EastOctober 14, 2011

It seems like ASUS will finally be releasing one of its hottest upcoming devices– the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 on November 7, according to reports.

Information about the Android tablet with a detachable keyboard appeared for a brief time on the LambdaTek Component Shop listed as manufacturer part number TF201-1I020A for a whopping price of GBP537.85 (about US$846).  The product page also mentioned that stocks for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 will become available starting on November 7.

As of last checking, however, the information has been removed from the product page.

The in-stock date, though, remains in line with ASUS CEO Jerry Shen’s [...]

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HTC Amaze 4G Starts Shipping Out Today, Amazing Camera Onboard

by: Ken EastOctober 12, 2011

T-Mobile’s latest addition to its line-up of high-end Android smartphones is the HTC Amaze 4G. Pre-orders for the awaited device started on Monday this week and units are expected to be shipped out starting today.

The price of the HTC Amaze 4G is US$260 (with a new 2-year contract on T-Mobile and after US$50 mail-in rebate).

After supplying phones in the past, HTC has become more aggressive in selling devices under its own brand. HTC has recently been very aggressive in creating devices with heavy camera hardware such as the HTC Radar and Titan.

Following the HTC myTouch 4G Slide (also on T-Mobile), the HTC Amaze 4G  will be another camera-centric [...]

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Motorola Invitations, Teaser Vid Hint DROID RAZR (Spyder, DROID HD) Launch on October 18

by: Ken EastOctober 11, 2011

Motorola is about to make a big comeback on Verizon Wireless with the launching of Motorola’s “next big innovation” set for October 18 in New York City.  The two companies have sent out invitations and a teaser video for the media event, which speculators claim to be that of the new Motorola DROID RAZR.

The Motorola DROID RAZR has been hotly anticipated and rumors about it are numerous.  Several reports claim that Motorola’s new product will be launched as the Motorola Spyder, while some are saying that the real name is the Motorola DROID RAZR (also codenamed the Motorola DROID HD). As of the moment, neither Motorola nor Verizon has confirmed [...]

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LG Optimus EX Press Shot Leaked

by: Ken EastSeptember 22, 2011

Recent reports say Samsung is on a roll with plans of launching new Android devices. LG seems to be not far behind, too, especially with word about an upcoming Android smartphone called the LG Optimus EX (LG SU880).

According to Korean tech blog Moveplayer, the LG Optimus EX is headed for Korean mobile carriers SK Telecom and LG U+ at a still-unknown date. Moveplayer was also able to acquire a leaked image of the phone’s looks.

Just days after the real-life photos of the LG Optimus LTE were spread around, we see this upcoming device. Although very little is known about the LG Optimus EX, reports have been mentioning that it will be using Google’s Android [...]

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Android to Fly and Entertain Passengers in New Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft

by: Ken EastSeptember 21, 2011

Android stretched is flexible arm once again lately when Boeing chose it as the preferred operating system for the in-flight entertainment systems aboard the company’s upcoming Boeing 787 Dreamliner line of aircraft.

Boeing technical manager Mark Larson told Australian Business Traveller that the 787s are currently being produced and that each plane will be fitted with Android-based servers and touchscreens.

Panasonic is making the 787-certified display panels, with sizes ranging from 7 inches to 17 inches. The displays will be embedded into the seats and will be made available from economy-class seats to first-class seats.

The larger screens, however, [...]

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First Glimpse of Samsung Illusion Shows up in Flickr Photo

by: Ken EastSeptember 20, 2011

Samsung’s account on Flickr may have accidentally revealed several details–including a clear press shot of the phone’s front side–about an upcoming Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Illusion, which is expected to arrive on Verizon Wireless this September 29.

Upon last check, the photo is no longer available through its original URL on Samsung Tomorrow’s account on Flickr.

According to Electronista, which caught sight of the Samsung Illusion on Flickr, the photo confirms the device’s model number (SCH-I110) and that it will be a 3G-capable device.

Very little is known about the Samsung Illusion’s specs, although rumors and leaks have been [...]

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