The Dropbox application for Android is one of the premier cloud storage applications out there. It is so good, that some OEMs include it with their devices when they ship. Now, Dropbox has received an update that’ll help you organize your media a little better. It does so by adding a picture tab, where all of your movies and pictures are easily accessible.


It is no secret that advertisements pay for the free stuff on the internet. Sites like Google and Facebook make their money from advertisements that you see and browse around. Have you ever wondered how much you are worth to them? There is a new plugin called Privacyfix that tries to help figure it out by reviewing your settings and browser history to compile a total that sites make off of you.


The next big thing in touch screen technology may be here. Disney Research has announced that they have developed a touch screen that can distinguish multiple users. By measuring the impedance of AC electricity in a user’s body, the screen can create a profile specifically for that person. This allows for many different things, including true two player gaming and other features.


Andru is already known as one of the most unique chargers out there. Even though it’s just a charger, you get a little Andy the Android robot that lights up and its arms move. Really, the best if you want something aside from the boring, regular chargers. Very soon, the dark side version of Andru will be released.


Lockitron is a two piece system that allows you to lock your doors via your phone. Any phone, doesn’t matter if it’s dumb or smart. You install the dead bolt piece over your current dead bolt and then link it to your cell phone. Then you can use a friendly user interface if you have a smart phone or a text system if you have a dumb phone. Lockitron is preparing to sell their second wave of keyless lock systems and pre-orders are available now.