Nexus 7 tablet back

While Android is today’s top platform in terms of smartphone numbers, tablets are an altogether different proposition. The Apple iPad still leads the game in terms of tablet use and mobile access for tablets. But Google’s Nexus 7 may already be making a dent on Apple’s sales, although in a small way.

Google Docs Sheets Slides

Google Docs, being one of the more popular cloud-based office suites available, is constantly updating. Google’s latest update is quite minor, but could have a big impact in terms of branding. From Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, these apps are now renamed to Docs, Sheets and Slides. These apps are now available for download from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you get easy shortcuts to the apps whenever you open a new tab on Google Chrome.


Yahoo! is trying to reinvent itself. The company’s recent hiring of ex-Googler Marissa Mayer has brought in a culture change in the ailing firm. While Yahoo! has positioned itself as a media portal for so long now, Mayer is trying to bring Yahoo! back to its tech-oriented roots.


We earlier featured White Pages’ Current Caller ID Android app as a great way for smartphone users to see context before they answer a call. Current Caller ID shows you a caller’s latest social streams, so you know what they’ve been up to, which can make for an interesting conversation…

kindle fire hd

Amazon’s FreeTime was announced when the Kindle Fire HD was launched, and was supposed to give parents better control over their — or their kids’ — devices. With FreeTime, you can set time limits on tablet usage, and you can even limit usage to specific apps or features. The software also has a kid-friendly interface, and lets parents easily track their kids’ progress.

android malware

A report by security experts indicates that as many as 185 million Android users around the world may be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. This means that even as the communications protocol is secure in itself, messages can be intercepted during data exchanges through spoofing of security certificates, and malicious hackers or software can tamper with communications.

Google Wallet Update-w600

The mobile wallet wars are gearing up. With ISIS finally getting its much-awaited launch, and with Apple touting its own iOS Passbook, it’s Google’s turn to up the ante with Google Wallet. But while Google has hinted that a new Wallet is available, users will need to request an invitation before gaining access.