Free Game Picks of the Week

by 3 years ago

I grabbed myself a few free Android games a while back from GetJar and the Market recently, and all of them were quite excellent. Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts on each of them

Robotek... HD

This game is from the makers of Totemo and Everlands and offers a very rich tactical game for the low price of free. You play the last hope of mankind during a time when machines rule the w...


It’s no secret that Android tablets need a lot of catching up to get ahead of the game. I’m going to expand on a few points from this article and talk about where slates can do better to... become better accepted by consumers.

1. Make them talk better with peripherals

One thing that makes notebooks and netbooks a preferred choice by the regular consumer is that most of the...


The IFA is touted as the biggest consumer electronics trade show in the world. Does it beat CES? That I’m not sure but I do know it is a great place to catch up with the latest gadgets the big... guys have to offer. It’s especially interesting what’s available this year in terms of Android: lots of new tablets, phones and then some. Here’s a few notable devices from this year...


If you have been waiting for an Android-powered radio for your dashboard, then your wait is over since the Parrot Asteroid will be out in the market by October 2011. Because the Android OS is relatively... new in the industry, we seldom see radios powered by such an operating system.

The Parrot Asteroid however, is different from your typical plug-in device since not only does it fit the amazing powe...


Honeycomb might not be top of everyone’s mind yet when it comes to tablets, but we’re placing a big bet that it will be soon. With so many awesome Android tablets in the pipe, and with Google... working diligently to improve the interface of Honeycomb with each subsequent release, and with the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich to unify Google TV, Android Smartphones, and Tablets, we’re confident i...


Starting out with your new Android tablet and don’t know what apps to get? Let us help you by presenting this fine list of quality apps for your daily needs. From Facebook to Office, we got you... covered. And it’s not just for you new tablet owners; long-time Honeycomb users can peruse our selections as well and check out some apps they might have missed.

1. Friend Me for Facebook ...

Android tablets are slowly and steadily becoming more popular and one of the barometers of its success are the games that developers release for it. I’ve covered a few games before, when Honeycomb... was first released, but it seems we have a few more choice picks that are worth your while.

feature image taken from Mineweeper for Honeycomb

1. Fruit Ninja THD (free, 2.99 AUD to buy


As it is, Honeycomb pretty much has everything you need in a tablet interface. It has a lot of outstanding features like the Action Bar, 3D homescreens, visual multitasking and System Bar. Despite... that, you still might have that itch to create your own personalized space in your Android 3.0 tablet. Here are some apps to help you tweak your UI and system to your liking.



Comparison shopping gets especially ambiguous when you’re weighing two models from the same manufacturer on the scale. In the case of the EEE Pad Transformer and the EEE Pad Slider, the hardware and... other performance-related features are so similar that you would probably find it a little hard to decide which to blow your budget on. Here then is a breakdown to help you make a better distinction bet...


Honeycomb tablets are designed for stunning visuals, there’s no doubt about that. The powerful graphics chipsets, large HD-capable screens and even surround sound capability make them ideal for... watching trailers, videos and shows. Not only that, it’s handy enough to be used as an ebook reader and then some.

Here are a few of the best media and entertainment apps for your Android...