Samsung, Verizon and T-Mobile Bringing The Heat Down On Apple

by 2 years ago

A one-of-a-kind love triangle is trying to bring the fruit-inspired tech company down. We all know how Apple started this legal battle against Samsung and the former recently filed an appeal to put off importation of such Android-powered Samsung phones into the US. Samsung was fortunate enough to get support from Verizon and T-Mobile. The two companies joined forces by seeking an adviser from the Federal Court for the Northern District of California and filed an appeal in relation to Samsung’s ongoing copyright claims. Even though both appeals were already accepted, the court’s response is yet to be determined. Apple…

uTorrent Now Available For Android Devices

by 2 years ago

uTorrent recently released support for different devices including iPad, iPhone, PS3 and Android hardware. Instead of using the computer for downloading files and manually transferring everything to their gadgets, users can now easily sync their downloaded content to their Android powered device. The software will also include an additional feature of converting audio and video to playable files, but only for those who have an installed paid version of BitTorrent client in their Android tablet or smartphone.   Although uTorrent is today’s most-used BitTorrent client and with more than 100 million users every month, the development team continues to improve…

Samsung and Apple Battle Over The Asian Market

by 2 years ago

Apple Inc .and Samsung Electronics Co. have been waging a war against each other, trying to prove which one can provide 100 percent customer satisfaction in Seoul, Korea. But with the fast growing market of Apple’s iPhone, it won’t be long until the company will beat Samsung over its Asian customers. The two firms have been battling over the claim of being the best provider and manufacturer of tablets and smartphone since April of this year. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple has proven yet again its superiority by successfully blocking Samsung phones and tablets in other countries such as Netherlands and…

New Motorola Tablets In Store For Android Lovers

by 2 years ago

Motorola is aiming to launch its new 7-inch Android Tablet this November, while their 10.1 inch segment will follow a month after. Chinese reports say that Compal is responsible for designing the former, while Motorola is busy developing and improving its larger XOOM device. Tipsters also claim that neither of the two tablets will be running on Ice Cream Sandwich. This claim is contrary to Google’s plan of acquiring Motorola Mobility and as expected, the tablets to be released should be first in line for the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades. Technical details and specifications of the two new devices are…

Google Android Tablet To Compete With iPad’s Sales Volume

by 2 years ago

The monthly sales of Google certified Android tablets have increased from just less than one million units early this year to about 1.5 million units last month, according to Luke Lin, senior analyst of Digitimes Research.   The figures provided by Google show the monthly sales of Android 3.x-based tablets is fast approaching the level of Android 2.x-based products. As of now, the company is expecting to reach up to 4.5 to 5 million sold Google-certified Android tablets in the third quarter of the year. However, the annual sales of Android tablets are expected to match only 33 percent to…

Best Android Apps for Cooking & Getting Inspired in the Kitchen

by 2 years ago

Yes, there are lots of apps for Android that let you summon food at a whim (read: delivery dialers) but sooner or later, you will need to whip up something less takeout-y and more home stylin’. Here are a few apps for the kitchen that will benefit both novice cooks to master chefs. 1. Healthy Recipes-Spark Recipes (free) Finally, a recipe app that’s focused on wellness! Aside from an ingredients list and directions, it also shows you nutritional information about it. I also like the fact that it downloads the recipes for offline viewing. 2. Epicurious Recipe App (free) No recipe app list is…

Android Market Growing, But Still Needs Improvement

by 2 years ago

According to Ovum, Android app downloads are poised to surpass those of iPhone apps this year for the very first time. It’s the result both of people becoming more comfortable with using and downloading mobile apps as well as the growth provided by GetJar, Amazon Appstore and other third-party app marketplaces. The research firm forecasted that Apple will have a hefty 6.1 billion downloads by year end but this won’t surpass the predicted 8.1 billion surge for Android apps. What’s more, by 2016 it seems that Android downloads will be a little less than double that of the iPhone: 21.8…

New Android Apps For Mobile Productivity

seller tool
by 2 years ago

The headline last month was the release (finally!) of Facebook’s own Messenger app. There were other choice picks in there as well, so let’s look at some of the ones devs have released recently that keep you productive on the go. 1. Facebook Messenger (free) Wait, Facebook has a productivity app? Well, it does streamline your messages and let you connect with your contacts more quickly on the go. That’s the main gist of the new Messenger app. Great for organizing get togethers, not so much for calling meetings. 2. Seller Tool for Amazon ($2.99) If you’re a US Amazon Pro merchant, I’m…

Getjar Gold Feeds You With Free Premium Android Apps Daily

by 2 years ago

I’ve wrote about GetJar before, the app marketplace where every app is free to download. It seems that giving away free stuff works for them and they’ve ventured into giving away even more free stuff, which is of course great for us Android owners. GetJar Gold is a premium service that will offer free full versions of games like Age of Zombies and Fruit Ninja THD and apps like SwiftKey X and Splashtop Remote Desktop. These aren’t ad-supported versions you are getting here, no sir. These are apps that you will have to pay for if you download them elsewhere….

Baidu To Copy Android For Its New OS

by 2 years ago

Baidu, the Chinese counterpart of Google search, has announced of its plans to create its own OS for its consumers. Although it has already replaced Google apps and services on Android phones in China, the company is targeting a new OS that will follow the formatting and style of the Android OS.   Baidu said they will compete against Google Places with their own Maps, provide consumers with an ebook reader app that’s similar with the Apple’s iBooks, and its own music player. The company is also planning to add apps with a Chinese character input tool to cater their…