I was once like most people out there, pondering over whether or not I should purchase a tablet. Do I need it? What can I use it for? Will I get bored with it? All these questions floated through my mind before I purchased the highly praised Asus Eee Pad…


A fresh off the press photo leak of possibly one of HTC newest devices dubbed the “HTC Rider” has just surfaced on the net, unfortunately the leaker decided to take the picture using an ancient digital camera and the picture leaves much to the imagination. What do you think this…

Georeader Android App Review

by on March 26, 2011 4:42 am

  Georeader is a smartphone app that is very interesting and easy to use. This app is connected to some of the largest databases and the GPS coordinates in the United States. The database is mostly about a historical markers’ text. This app basically uses the GPS app to gauge…


The Samsung Galaxy Indulge which was released earlier this year on MetroPCS will have a new home come this summer. Cricket has officially announced that they will be releasing the phone in either May or June of this year, the price they said will be around $300. As far as…

HTC Flyer to Sell Exclusively at Best Buy

by on March 24, 2011 6:03 am

Best Buy has announced that they will be the exclusive supplied of the Wi-Fi version of the much anticipated HTC Flyer. There is still no word on pricing or an official release date, most blogs have reported a release this spring, Digitimes has reported a possible release date of late…


Good news for eager Canadians looking to get their hands on the new Honeycomb Xoom Android Tablet, the release is near. Popular Canadian retailers Best Buy Canada and Future Shop are now offering you the option for pre-ordering the Wi-Fi only XOOM through their online stores and they will ship…