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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android now available through Google Play

December 6, 2012
As part of its 10 year anniversary celebration, Rockstar Games, in cooperation with War Drum Studios, has finally released Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android. The game features high-resolution graphics, updated controls, and a number of interesting new features such as MoGa Wireless Game Controller compatibility and fully adjustable graphic settings.
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AT&T rolls out ‘video bill’ to explain monthly charges to new customers

December 6, 2012
AT&T has just started offering its customers in the U.S. personalized "video bills" for them to get acquainted with all the pertinent bits of their monthly bill as soon as possible.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 will be Russia’s first LTE smartphone, coming to MegaFon

December 5, 2012
The LTE Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to make its way to Russia very soon, as it's set to become available through Russia's second largest mobile carrier, MegaFon, starting December 10th.
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Propelled by mobile chips, Qualcomm sees massive revenue growth in 2012

December 5, 2012
Qualcomm made the biggest jump in terms of revenue out of all the semiconductor firms that are listed in the industry Top 20, gaining 27.2% in only one year while many other firms are struggling.
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PengPod reaches crowdfunding target for ‘true Linux tablets and miniPCs’

December 3, 2012
In less than a month, Peacock Imports have reached their goal of raising $49,000. Now they are scheduled to start shipping their first 7-inch and 10-inch tablets once January 2013 finally rolls around. This is all part of their plan to deliver a so-called True Linux Tablet that is "free of Google and Android's restrictions" at an affordable price.
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Nokia categorically denies Android smartphone rumors sparked by job ad

December 3, 2012
Remember the recently posted Nokia job ad on LinkedIn titled "Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware"? It sparked rumors that Nokia might be building its very own Android-flavored smartphones after all. A statement now puts these rumors to rest.
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Koodo starts selling Samsung Galaxy S3 for $550

December 1, 2012
The best-selling Galaxy S3 smartphone from Samsung is now available through Koodo Mobile in Canada for $550 outright. The device can also be purchased through Koodo's fluctuating Tab option, and those who buy it through Koodo retail locations can expect to receive a $100 bonus gift at the time of purchase.
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Another Android 4.2 bug: Google Talk only supports one user (in spite of multi-user feature)

November 26, 2012
After that recent mess where users with December birthdays were left to feel alienated due to a bug that's present in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, more people are now starting to find out about yet another problem that affects devices with the latest version of the Android software.
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HTC gives retail a shot, opens first concept store in Germany

November 26, 2012
It appears that HTC is currently chasing down all available avenues for money, as it has decided to finally open up its first concept store inside an existing electronics shop somewhere in Hamburg, Germany. This current strategy is similar to what Microsoft is doing with its own retail stores and is based on work that Apple started when it first began opening up its own retail locations many years ago.
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Microsoft to offer at least four years of support for the Surface

November 26, 2012
Have you ever wondered just how much support you're going to get out of Microsoft if you purchased one of their Windows RT-powered Surface tablets? These devices were first launched not more than a full month ago and many people are now curious as to what exactly Microsoft plans on doing with them in terms of support. There haven't really been many enlightening clues regarding this issue. Until now, that is.
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