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Darryl is our in house device reviewer. His love of Android has lead him on the personal quest to find the phone and tablet that suit him best. This all started with the T-Mobile G1, moving onto the Motorola CLIQ XT(stock Motoblur 1.5 & Cyanogenmod 7.0), myTouch 3G, Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Transform, Samsung Intercept, Archos 101 Gen 8 Internet Tablet, Google Nexus S 4G, and now he's the very happy owner of a myTouch 4g, Evo 4G and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The next stops he's planning on making are to the Evo 3D, and Motorola Photon 4G. But the hunt never really stops. You can also follow him at www.twitter.com/darryldoak

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Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Edition

by: Darryl DoakOctober 10, 2011

Some people have no fear when it comes to bringing their electronics everywhere they go, but that’s not me though! I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 since it’s U.S. launch day, and I’ve always been afraid to bring it to work or let the kids play with it. It’s not that the tablet feels cheap, or that I think it’s likely to break, but simply because this is a very thin $500 electronic that I don’t have the luxury of insurance for. But, that’s where companies like Gumdrop have really stepped in, to protect our electronics from some of the worst we can throw at them, and thankfully, some of these companies build their cases like [...]

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App Review: Kids Maps, a Learning App for Honeycomb Tablets That’s Fun! [Video]

by: Darryl DoakSeptember 15, 2011

For those that own a Honeycomb tablet, it should still, unfortunately, come as no surprise that there is a shortage of true tablet specific applications on the market. This is especially true for apps designed to help kids learn about the world around them. I was pleasantly surprised that this application was made so well and really, has such a great fit an finish to it. My near three year old daughter had plenty of time working with this application and she found it very enjoyable – as I could tell.


The interface is pretty and is very straightforward. There are not a ton of customizations or settings like what you’re accustomed to in Android, [...]

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App Review: OfficeSuite Pro 5.0 – Productivity Power Unleashed for Android Tablets and Phones [Video]

by: Darryl DoakAugust 25, 2011

The advent of smartphones and tablets has made it possible for you to carry your office in the palm of your hand. The mobile office market used to be monopolized by bigger mobile devices such as laptops and netbooks, but smarter smartphones and tablets have eaten into some of that space. Thanks to mobile office apps that squeeze office tools into palm-size devices, allowing their users to carry their workplaces inside their pockets or vests.

The key component of a mobile office on a smartphone is the office productivity application that provides the suite of office tools. There are many such Android apps. Most of them are great, but very few stand out from the rest. Of the [...]

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T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Review

by: Darryl DoakJune 25, 2011

This is our review of the first 4.3″ screened Android phone to come to T-Mobile USA. This is a very odd occurrence, being that T-Mobile was the very first carrier on the globe to support Google’s Android Operating System when it released the G1. T-Mobile was also the first carrier in the USA to launch a 4.3″ screened phone when it launched the HTC HD2 (Windows Mobile 6.5), which was then followed up with the HTC HD7 (Windows Phone 7). So this is a very highly anticipated Android launch that we have here. But instead of just playing catch up and releasing another of the average 4.3″ screens, this one is a Super LCD, qHD screen that really positions [...]

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Sprint’s Google Nexus S 4G Review

by: Darryl DoakJune 14, 2011

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my highly anticipated review of the Google Nexus S 4G! I was looking forward to reviewing this particular handset so much, and I had a lofty bar set for it. For about a month before its release I was already losing sleep waiting to be able to upgrade to this phone. I had GRAND dreams of silky smooth vanilla Android goodness. I remembered the days of owning my T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant(Galaxy S variant) and how much I loved that phone, except for the few shortcomings that my myTouch 4G would take care of, it was pretty close to the perfect handset. The lack of a front facing video camera, to get a GPS that worked, and to [...]

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Sprint’s Unannounced Androids Leaked for 2011?

by: Darryl DoakJune 12, 2011

Carriers usually like to keep a tight lip over their future handset offerings. But, every once in a while, someone gets a screenshot that ruins the secrecy. Crackberry has received a couple screen shots of the Sprint Inventory Sheet which tipped them to future Blackberry handsets soon to be released, but this also reveals some handsets on the way that we previously didnt know the release dates for, and in some cases, didn’t know existed at all. Lets start at the top of the list and work our way down to see what sort of Android goodness we can expect.

HTC Evo View 4G

HTC Evo View 4G – “4G 7″ tablet”, SKU: ATP515CKIT, Release Date: 6/24/11 [...]

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Motorolas Photon 4G Steps In Challenging The EVO 3D for Sprint’s Best Phone!

by: Darryl DoakJune 9, 2011

With Motorola’s previous Sprint offerings being so lackluster with phones like the Motorola i1, I never would have predicted that they would come out swinging like they did. This week brought the launch of the Motorola XPRT which is a portrait QWERTY offering that was announced a month ago, and now Motorola comes out with a press release announcing the new Photon 4G, a new WiMAX enabled handset for Sprint which rivals what the Evo 3D in what it brings to the table. This summer will be a difficult period for anyone wanting a large screened Android superphone. This seems to be the handset that was rumored previously when I did my write up comparing Sprints soon to be launch high [...]

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How are you going to get rich? With EasyMoney, baby

by: Darryl DoakMay 26, 2011

Hello everybody! I’m Darryl Doak, you may have seen me in my previous get rich quick articles like “U.S. National Carrier Plan Price Showdown!” and “Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Review – Raising the Bar for Budget Android Phones!” Today, I’ve got a new get rich strategy for you! Let’s learn how to manage your money on your phone everywhere you go!

In all seriousness though, there are no tricks to getting rich quickly, or to become debt free. In the words of Dave Ramsey, “becoming rich isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” There’s nothing more to it than managing your dollars as they come in and go out. Now [...]

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Best Android Portrait QWERTY’s for Sprint Compared: Bye Bye, Blackberry

by: Darryl DoakMay 13, 2011

Sprint is really on an Android handset blitzkrieg this year! They started out January with the HTC EVO Shift, then rolled on to the first ever dual screened smartphone – the Kyocera Echo in April. Recently, we compared the newest upcoming high end slate handset offerings; the Google Nexus S 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, and HTC EVO 3D. But, it seems alternate form factor love is spreading, and potentially could mean the rein of the slate or landscape QWERTY is over – but we doubt it. So, If you know any Blackberry lovers who are getting fed up with their tired old Blackberry OS but love that form factor, steer them to Sprint for some new Android offerings. They’ll have [...]

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Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Review – Raising the Bar for Budget Android Phones!

by: Darryl DoakMay 5, 2011

Welcome to Android Authority’s review of the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. The Optimus V is one of the Optimus One line of phones which has graced every carrier in the USA, as well as set sales records for LG. The fact that they sold one million phones in 40 days is no surprise to me anymore, as soon as I opened the package I knew why it sold so well. Read on to find out more and find our video review below.

This handset is only $199.99 at Virgin Mobile with no contract, and is a steal at that price. Combine that with Virgin Mobile’s unique pricing system for the United States, and overall this handset stands unmatched. The Optimus V is on their [...]

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