The folks at iSuppli have delivered yet another wonderful tear down and costing analysis for everyone to see. Everyone wants to know which tablet contains the highest quality parts. While we do know some things regarding the Ipad 2, it hasn’t been released yet. Major components like the display and…


Most, if not all, users of Android often complain about the inability to consistently discover new, quality apps. We can all rest easy now however, as an ambitious project called Chomp has finally been launched. Chomp employs a unique algorithm that understands the type, context and function of each App…

Xoom as Second Screen? Yes Please.

by on March 1, 2011 12:07 pm

Finally, a true power users app that could potentially justify buying a Motorola Xoom, or any one of the other Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablets. iDisplay has recently launched a very handy app for Android OS based devices that allows the user to use their smartphone or tablet as a secondary…


[UPDATE: May 3rd, 2011] The release date for the UK, Germany, and the rest of Europe has been pushed to early May. For those you from the US, it’s likely it will be released on major carriers like Verizon as early as July 14. Read our full article here. It’s…

Interest in the iPhone Continues to Wane

by on February 28, 2011 7:03 am
iphone 4

A new post from the well informed guys at The Next Web argues that a new report from uSwitch is demonstrating that interest in the iPhone is finally waning. HTC Android Smartphones, in particular, appear to be extremely popular with consumers these days. With more and more consumers looking for…


A recent posting on Business Insider titled, “The Truth About The iPad, Day 300: I Barely Use It Anymore,” details the experiences of Senior Staff Writer Dan Frommer, and why he has fallen out of favor with Apple’s once huge tech darling. I too, no longer use my Ipad at…

Xoom Overclocked to New Heights

by on February 28, 2011 12:09 am

Thought the dual-core, 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 was fast? Think again!. A recently released app will enable you to overclock your Xoom to enjoy performance gains of over 50%. The SetCPU app quickly and easily enables you to increase the clock speed   by 20%, or 50%, depending on how…


According to a recent poll on, people were quick to indicate that they believe Verizon will have the best 4G network in the USA in 2011. A very recent and fairly comprehensive benchmark held across 13 different cities says otherwise. While AT&T doesn’t necessarily  have a reputation for being the most…

Nexus One Gets Gingerbread (Finally!)

by on February 23, 2011 9:59 am

Congratulations Nexus One owners, the wait for Gingerbread is almost over. Today, Google has finally begun pushing out the latest version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread, to Nexus One devices. While the rollout is likely to take a few days, it’s likely that if you have a Nexus One, that you…

Motorola Atrix Dismantled

by on February 23, 2011 5:54 am

The wonderful, masterful craftsmen over at iFixit have done their due diligence yet again. The newly-released Motorola Atrix 4G has been completely dismantled to see all of its internal components. Fortunately, no major discoveries have been made. A Qualcomm MDM6200 HSPA+ chip was found inside, which explains the faux “4G” in the…