Verzo Kinzo: Another Android to Be

by on November 25, 2011 7:10 am

A new brand has emerged in the Android armada, called Verzo. This Czech company has been under the radar since the summer, and recently launched its newest smartphone into the world: the Verzo Kinzo. It sports a 1GHZ OMAP Processor, on a TFT 4.3” display. It comes with two cameras,…

Is U.S. Technology Really That Advanced?

by on October 16, 2011 11:02 pm

With the influx of incredible phones coming out of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, many in the West are asking themselves, what about us?  One would think that with the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones, there are so many phones to choose from at the local Verizon store–or, are there? With the…

Android Could Bust iOS, Says Acer

by on October 16, 2011 9:14 pm

Undoubtedly gaining market share fast, Android will likely overtake its other competitors soon, especially Apple’s iOS platform.  This is a belief and expectation that many people share–especially Acer. Speaking to Chinese newspaper United Daily News, Acer founder Stan Shih said that Android would soon prevail over iOS (Apple’s mobile platform). The…

Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Gets Measured Up

by on October 16, 2011 1:03 am

The long awaited Nexus Prime will soon debut in a few weeks, and as we all know, will be fairly substantial in size.  The flagship Android device from Samsung and Google will feature a massive 4.65” screen size, which is quite an aberration from the usual 3.5”-4”-4.3” screens we see…