OfficeDrop: Capturing documents, scanning PDF files, and sharing them in the cloud

by 2 years ago

Before cloud technology and online collaboration were possible, file sharing and collaborating were a nightmare. Sure, you could email files to your group mates or colleagues, but if you didn’t have a streamlined system for organizing your files, you’d soon discover a quickly growing mess of files. You should have seen my thesis computer folder. The days before Google Docs and Dropbox were indeed dark, hilarious, and cluttered days. Syncing important files across computers is now possible and you don’t even have to bring a USB stick with you when you have a presentation. Technology, however, has been continuously pushing…

Best movie game apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Some people are just really enthusiastic about showing their burning passion for a certain cartoon, anime, TV series, or movie. Certain people fill their room with official merchandise while others launch their careers as writers or artists by writing or drawing their favorite characters in every single one of their pieces. There’s no limit to how you can express your love. If you’re a huge fan of something but you don’t quite have the drive to purchase every bit of official and unofficial merchandise you can get your hands on and you don’t have the talent to contribute fan-made things,…

Best battery widgets for Android phones and tablets

by 2 years ago

It’s easy to get carried away with our mobile devices. There are a number of things that can just take up countless hours of your time. Browse the Internet and get lost in the maze of Wikipedia’s articles or TVTropes’ trope pages. Curious about the new TV series everyone is hyped up about? View videos on YouTube or download the series yourself to see why everyone is crazy over this show. Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be tapping on the Next button without noticing the time. Or, you can sit back and curl up with a number of ebooks. Flip…

Candy Island Android game: Saving the island from running out of candy

by 2 years ago

As you can tell from its name, Candy Island – The Sweet Shop will certainly bring you sweet treats when you play it on your Android device. When you launch the game, you’ll be taken to Candy Island in a peaceful enchanted world that is inhabited by little green creatures, called Beanies, who run a candy farm. They provide sweet treats to the host of animal inhabitants on the island, making their customers happy. Tragedy strikes Candy Island one day when the dastardly Dr. Zog, who hates sweets, destroys every sweet factory and steals the Candy Islanders’ precious sweet recipes….

Best phrasebook apps for Android

by 2 years ago

A few days ago, we put together an app list for tourists and travelers to help them on their trips abroad, whether for business or leisure. You might have equipped yourself with all the right apps to aid you on your trip, from booking your hotel to getting around cities, but are you completely ready? Aren’t you forgetting something? If you’re traveling to a country that is predominantly English-speaking, there’s no problem there, but if you’re off to a country that doesn’t have English as its first language, then you might want to consider gearing up with phrasebooks. Of course,…

Best aquarium and fish live wallpapers for Android

by 2 years ago

There’s just something so calming about watching fish swim. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to be in no real hurry. Regardless, it cannot be denied that watching fish swim around in an aquarium is just so relaxing. Managing a real aquarium, however, can take a lot of work and money, so why not get an aquarium on your Android device? Live wallpapers are snazzy inventions, allowing you to interact with your screen in more ways than the usual navigation. Unfortunately, live wallpapers can also suck your device’s battery dry. If you’re willing to sacrifice your Android device’s battery for…

Stereomood: Finding a music track to match your mood

by 2 years ago

Your music collection might be huge and it just keeps growing because you want to give every mood you have and every activity you engage in an appropriate soundtrack. But, what if you’re really busy and you can’t find the time to throw a new playlist together? Don’t worry, because developers stereomood android created an app just for you. Stereomood is an app that makes sure you have the music to match what you’re feeling, what you’re doing, and what you want to do. When you launch Stereomood on your Android device, you have the option to sign in using…

Civic Incivility 2012: Kick and punch your presidential candidate’s way to the White House

by 2 years ago

Does anyone remember those older fighting games where characters travel all over the globe to fight each other against a backdrop of carefully rendered scenery? While keeping that image in your mind, imagine two of the most iconic U.S. election candidates battling it out, fighting game style, across the United States of America. That’s Civic Incivility 2012, developed by Dawkins Creations, a fighting game for Android devices that is sure to tickle the funny bone of anyone tuned into the election news. When you launch the game, you’re treated to the old-school-style starting page. Tap Start to choose between Barack…