Going on a vacation means a lot of things. Relaxing, recuperating, re-energizing, and, don’t forget, discovering things. If you’ve decided to give yourself a gift in the form of a vacation, you’ll be aware of the advantages and the disadvantages of traveling. The top problem is, of course, getting lost….


It seems that as our mobile devices become more sophisticated, the less we actually keep in touch with our real-life contacts. Sure, we can keep updated on what happens to peoples’ lives through Facebook or Twitter, but it just isn’t the same. App developers have decided to fix this by…


Who says that customization was just limited to the external appearance of your phone? Android users can enjoy tweaking almost every aspect of their mobile device. Today, we’re going to look at customizing something that a lot of people overlook: the status bar. It’s not exactly in the limelight, but…


Even with the popularity of social networking sites, people do still use the phone. Sometimes, though, it can be a little awkward when contacts call you up, expecting you to have read their latest status message or to have been following their tweets. You might just end up floundering for…


Though our Android mobile devices have allowed us to remove ourselves from in front of our desktops and to leave our heavy laptops behind at home, working from a mobile device just isn’t the same. It isn’t in the apps we have at our disposal but in how fast we…

Holo Launcher HD: Jelly Bean home launcher

by on August 21, 2012 7:00 am

Some people might be sick of hearing about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right about now, but we can’t imagine why they would be. We love the new update and the features it packs with it. If you’re scared to try flashing any of the Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs that developers…


People who snap shots of all their important life events and manually upload their images to Facebook have a lot of time to spare. Some of them even take the time to tag each photo individually and add a caption to them. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same amount of…

Best Android apps for improving vocabulary

by on August 17, 2012 9:00 am

Having a large vocabulary is certainly helpful. It can impress a potential employer, or it can greatly aid you in your line of work if you’re a writer. If you’re a student, it could give you some extra points on your essay. Growing up, we accumulate thousands and thousands of…


There are other smartphone dangers besides viruses and malware. There are also things like WiFiKill and Network Spoofer apps that might spell a lot of trouble. You certainly wouldn’t want to have your sensitive data stolen by attackers. Since we rely so much on our mobile devices, why don’t we…