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Android is Dan's last thought before she closes her eyes at night and her first thought upon waking up in the morning. And, between waking up and sleeping, Android is still in her thoughts. That's how hooked she has become to Android ever since she started covering Android news and writing Android app reviews.

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Brainwaves – T.U.S.: Altering state of consciousness via brainwave entrainment

by: Dan EvansAugust 31, 2012

With how busy our lives have become, it can be difficult to take a moment and just breathe. Stress can be healthy, but too much of it can definitely lead to long-term effects on our health. Some people sign up for calming exercises such as yoga or tai chi while others burn off their stress by hitting the gym and spending a few hours with a punching bag. If you’re one of those people who just can’t find time to do any of those things, don’t be disheartened. As long as you have an Android phone, there’s a way to help you achieve peace of mind and release that stress.

Developed by IMOBLIFE Co. Ltd, Brainwaves – T.U.S is an all-in-one [...]

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GuidePal City Guides: Your personal city tour guide on Android

by: Dan EvansAugust 31, 2012

Going on a vacation means a lot of things. Relaxing, recuperating, re-energizing, and, don’t forget, discovering things. If you’ve decided to give yourself a gift in the form of a vacation, you’ll be aware of the advantages and the disadvantages of traveling. The top problem is, of course, getting lost.

Thankfully, Google Maps has been a great help in that department, but it’s still a bit too broad. You can see establishments and buildings, but which of those little dots is a good place to grab some coffee or rest your feet and listen to a live band?

GuidePal City Guides is here to make things easier for you. This app promises to [...]

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FriendIn: Bringing your social network contacts into one app

by: Dan EvansAugust 31, 2012

It seems that as our mobile devices become more sophisticated, the less we actually keep in touch with our real-life contacts. Sure, we can keep updated on what happens to peoples’ lives through Facebook or Twitter, but it just isn’t the same. App developers have decided to fix this by putting together apps that help us stay connected with the people who matter to us. Not too long ago, we covered a caller ID app that made sure you could keep in touch with your social network contacts effortlessly. Today, we’re looking at another app that helps us discover more about our friends.

With the number of social networking sites out there, it isn’t [...]

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Omega StatusBar: Customizing the status bar to your liking

by: Dan EvansAugust 30, 2012

Who says that customization was just limited to the external appearance of your phone? Android users can enjoy tweaking almost every aspect of their mobile device. Today, we’re going to look at customizing something that a lot of people overlook: the status bar.

It’s not exactly in the limelight, but we’d all be lost without it. It lets us know the strength of our carrier signal, our Wi-Fi signal, battery level, time, date and a whole lot more. Because a lot of apps also take up space on your status bar with their own icons, it doesn’t take very long for a status bar to start looking cluttered and dirty. A developer team by the name of Team [...]

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Current Caller ID: Making phone conversations more social

by: Dan EvansAugust 30, 2012

Even with the popularity of social networking sites, people do still use the phone. Sometimes, though, it can be a little awkward when contacts call you up, expecting you to have read their latest status message or to have been following their tweets. You might just end up floundering for something to say or awkwardly pretending that you know what’s going on in their life. Current Caller ID can definitely help you with that.

Developed by WhitePages and described as “Caller ID on stereoids,” Current Caller ID makes sure that you won’t have to stumble through awkward explanations. When a friend calls you, you’ll instantly get their [...]

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Best task switchers and multitasking apps for Android

by: Dan EvansAugust 29, 2012

Though our Android mobile devices have allowed us to remove ourselves from in front of our desktops and to leave our heavy laptops behind at home, working from a mobile device just isn’t the same. It isn’t in the apps we have at our disposal but in how fast we can multitask. Say you have free time and you’d like to start on your school assignment or maybe a presentation for work. Having to switch from your browser to Evernote or other similar note-taking apps can be tiring and can slow you down.

Hardcore desktop multitaskers basically have assimilated Alt+Tab as second nature and can easily flip between windows and programs without batting an eyelash. [...]

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Holo Launcher HD: Jelly Bean home launcher

by: Dan EvansAugust 21, 2012

Some people might be sick of hearing about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right about now, but we can’t imagine why they would be. We love the new update and the features it packs with it. If you’re scared to try flashing any of the Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs that developers have been cooking, that’s okay. Perhaps you need a little preview to whet your appetite.

Introducing Holo Launcher HD. This launcher lets you get a taste of what Jelly Bean’s interface is like. To be able to run this Jelly Bean home launcher on your Android device, you need your phone to be running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The moment you launch the app, [...]

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photup for Facebook: Quick and easy Facebook photo uploader

by: Dan EvansAugust 20, 2012

People who snap shots of all their important life events and manually upload their images to Facebook have a lot of time to spare. Some of them even take the time to tag each photo individually and add a caption to them. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same amount of free time. The fewer the steps it takes for me to upload to Facebook, the better. It seems that Chris Banes, developer of photup for Facebook, had the same idea in mind.

Say goodbye to wasting too much time uploading an image to Facebook. photup for Facebook allows you to easily snap a shot, enhance the photo, and upload it — all from one app. When you first launch the app, you’re instantly [...]

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Best Android apps for improving vocabulary

by: Dan EvansAugust 17, 2012

Having a large vocabulary is certainly helpful. It can impress a potential employer, or it can greatly aid you in your line of work if you’re a writer. If you’re a student, it could give you some extra points on your essay.

Growing up, we accumulate thousands and thousands of words but if we don’t use them, they eventually gather dust and get locked away in the very backs of our minds. That means if we finally do need to use them, we might find ourselves struggling with the “tip of the tongue” experience. That might not be particularly impressive when you’re trying to convince an employer to hire you or when you’re taking exams [...]

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Wifi Protector: Your shield against Wi-Fi network attacks

by: Dan EvansAugust 16, 2012

There are other smartphone dangers besides viruses and malware. There are also things like WiFiKill and Network Spoofer apps that might spell a lot of trouble. You certainly wouldn’t want to have your sensitive data stolen by attackers.

Since we rely so much on our mobile devices, why don’t we stop for a moment to equip ourselves from potential attacks? We’ve already covered an app that helps you check any potentially harmful permissions that apps request for and another app that helps you achieve tighter browser security. Now, we’ll take a look at an app that will protect your phone from Wi-Fi network attacks.

Developed by Gurke [...]

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