Android Design Corner: Functional Design

Design Corner - Functional Design
by 4 months ago

In the first article of the Android Design Corner series we looked at the very basic definition of design, and where Android’s current state fell within those terms. Today we go beyond the basic definition and begin to lay the foundation for what design really is. Read on for more!

Android Design Corner: Beautiful Solutions

Design Corner
by 5 months ago

 I love beautiful design.  I’m Craig Tuttle, currently studying Computing Technology: Human Factors at Colorado State University, and I’ll be taking a walk through design concepts with you here on Android Authority. Design. Such a simple word that is so much deeper, crucial, and complicated than many people even know. Most minds generally jump straight to “graphic design” or “stuff that looks good.” And while that is absolutely correct, the word design has a much deeper meaning and use. A basic definition of design is this: the creation of a plan about an object or idea to be built or created in order…