At CES this year, Intel’s booth was crowded with a number of Android prototypes running on 32mm Intel Atom processors. These prototypes are Intel’s entry level phones to Android as they venture into this field. Through the prototypes, Intel got to let their viewers experience the benefits of using Atom…


After the recent news about Android reaching the Pentagon, there’s a new government agency which will be using Android too! Although it really isn’t anything new, it’s still pretty exciting to know that Android has taken things to a completely new height—in fact, it is out of this world (literally)….


Good news to all Android developers—Google has just launched a style guide for you! You can now visit Android Design, a website designed specifically to give help to its developers who are creating ICS applications. Upon visiting the site, third-party app developers gain access to a comprehensive guide that will…


Even though Android 4.0 can be considered fairly new, Google has released an Android 4.0.2 update for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. If you’re still on Android 4.0.1, you will receive an automatic notification reminding you to update your phone to 4.0.2. If not, you can do it manually by following…


It seems like more and more tablet manufacturers are competing against each other in the field of inexpensive tablets. With other tablets such as the ViewPad E70 and the DataWind Aakash, companies have been able to turn the tablet into a tool anyone can use. IdolPad is the newest member…


The next best thing to 3D is, well, a screen that’s 3D glasses-free. But add that with an Android 4.0 tablet and it would be totally awesome. Fortunately, a new line of inexpensive 3D tablets has been launched by a company called Gadmei. The features of the Gadmei T863 3D…


Who could ever deny the immense success of the Sony Walkman line? This is why they have returned with a big bang, starting with the Walkman Z1000—the first ever Android powered music player. Originally, the Z1000 made its appearance in Japan back in September 2011. However, the executives over at…

Polaroid Camera Now Powered by Android

by on January 12, 2012 3:56 am

While the CES 2012 revealed some pretty expected gadgets, we were very surprised by the new entry of Polaroid’s newest camera— powered by Android! The SC1630 Smart Camera by Polaroid boasts of a 16MP feature along with 3x optical zoom lens, 36-108mm lens, 3.2-inch touch based display, and Wi-Fi capabilities….

NetChef: A Tool for Your Kitchen

by on January 12, 2012 3:53 am

Using a tablet or smartphone in the kitchen has made the lives of home cooks a lot easier. But one concern of many people is the fact that they are using their tablet with dirty hands. After mixing an ingredient, they need to swipe their fingers across the screen of…