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Brandon has been into Android since the G1, and has played with devices such as the Hero, Moment, Evo, Epic, Incredible 2, and his current favorite the Droid 3. His passions with Android lay with rooting and ROM's, while at the same time learning all the new tricks he can do with his Droid 3.

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AT&T Buyers Guide: February 2012

by: Brandon SobottaFebruary 18, 2012

This is our new monthly column that will feature the best from AT&T for each month. We are doing one for each carrier in the US. We are going to bring you current promotions as well as our picks of the best Android device in a range of categories that are available on AT&T’s network. Please feel free to provide your feedback in the comments so we can make this column even better for you. Also, be sure to share this with all your friends on AT&T, so if they are looking to upgrade you can give them advice based on our knowledge.

Buying a new phone from AT&T today can be a slippery slope, leading to buyers regret. With AT&T’s LTE network [...]

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Chaikin Power Tools Stock App Review

by: Brandon SobottaFebruary 11, 2012

The Chaikin Power Tools stock app provides investment research tools previously available only to Wall Street firms. Developed by stock market expert Marc Chaikin. While not being a Nasdaq guy my self, I found the  Chaikin Power Tools app quick and easy to figure out by just playing with it. Well who is this app for?  The app is anyone who follows stocks from the guy just getting his toes wet, to the die hard who needs information on the go.

What kind of information can you get when using Chaikin Power Tools?

Centerpiece of app is unbiased Chaikin Power Gauge Rating which [...]
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Sony Xperia Ion vs. Motorola Droid 4

by: Brandon SobottaJanuary 14, 2012

Now that the dust has settled from CES, we can dig in and look at some of the new Android tech. Sony and Motorola had many big announcements at CES, with the Motorola Droid 4 (D4) and the Sony Xperia Ion (ION) among them. Motorola and Sony have both been working with Android from early on so I expect a lot from these phones. When comparing them, you will notice some drastic differences that I will explain the significance of and how these differences will affect you when choosing one over the other.


At the core of each phone are the CPU, GPU, and RAM; this is the heart and soul of each phone. If you buy a phone that is lacking in these departments [...]

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Droid 4 vs. Droid Razr Maxx

by: Brandon SobottaJanuary 12, 2012

Two of Motorola’s big announcements at CES 2012 were the Droid 4 (D4) and the Droid Razr Maxx (DRM).  These two phones are similar in many aspects, but they are separated by one key factor: the keyboard. Without looking at any other features of these phones, this can be the ultimate decision maker for many. But if your looking beyond this, there are some other differences that may sway you one way or the other when deciding which to buy (these I will cover below).

The Specs Cpu and GPU Processors/Ram

The D4 and the DRM each have the TI OMAP 4430 CPU clocked at 1.2 ghz, and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU.  Neither phone is running any hardware or software that is much different [...]

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CES 2012 and the Future of Google TV

by: Brandon SobottaJanuary 7, 2012

Google TV (GTV)  was officially launched in October of 2010 with initial support from Sony and Logitech. Sony integrated GTV into many of their high-end TV’s, while Logitech chose a different route. Logitech released a separate device that you hook-up to your TV, but preforms similarly to GTV on Sony’s  TV’s. What GTV lets you do is access Android applications, Facebook, YouTube, Google Chrome browser, and more from your couch; essentially turning your TV into a smart TV. Since its launch, GTV has had its share of problems ranging from poor reviews, stiff competition from Apple TV, delayed updates, and lack of support from content [...]
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The Fate of the Nook Color, Post Fire [ICS]

by: Brandon SobottaDecember 31, 2011

Before the release of the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet (NT), we had the Nook Color, it was the go to tablet for developers who were on a budget.   Why had it received such attention from so many in the development community? Well the reasons are simple. For the price, it had a great screen and also had solid build quality. Many other tablets at that price could not hold a candle to the Nook Color on these terms.

Fast forward to today, and we ask what does this mean to the current owners of the Nook Color? While it may still be receiving attention from Barnes and Nobles in regards of updates, is the development community still showing the same interest in the [...]

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Call2Schedule App Review – This App Will Help Keep You Organized!

by: Brandon SobottaDecember 31, 2011

Call2Schedule is a simple event scheduler that captures your callers incoming phone number and places it directly into the subject line of your calendars scheduler with the callers name from your phone book. This is how Knabtechs latest app is self described, and it is exactly what it does. This app is very simple,  but what it does can save a mobile professional time, and the embarrassment of a missed appointments. It does this by simplifying the process of inputting reminders and appointments in your phones calendar.

The app works simply by popping up a event scheduler after you receive a call, asking “Do you want to create even into calendar?” By [...]

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How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 on your Motorola Xoom WiFi

by: Brandon SobottaDecember 23, 2011

This is the second part of a guide of getting ICS on your Xoom, there first section here gives direction on how to unlock and root your Xoom. So yesterday I posted a video of ICS running on my Xoom, and a quick overview of it in action. Here I am going to explain how to install ICS on your Xoom.

So now that you are unlocked and rooted:

1) First Download the following files and place them on your sdcard

CWM Package: Pure AOSP –

Google Apps –

2) Then you must install the latest version of ClockworkMod on your Xoom, you can get it from the market [...]

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Droid 3, with some Benchmarks and Screenshots

by: Brandon SobottaDecember 22, 2011

So the other night I got an alpha version of ICS installed on my Droid 3, and I have to say I am impressed. Hashcode has been hard at work since the release of the source code, and  had done some amazing things. I am currently using it for my daily driver and if you don’t mind being a guinea pig  give it a shot yourself. For being an alpha it is very stable, and  many of the main functions work. Here is the list from Hashcode’s blog of what works and what does not.

 Many of the base phone functions are now working. And that includes:

Phone is usable in CDMA and GSM modes for making/receiving calls as well as 3G data. Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS all work HW [...]
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Editorial – Ice Cream Sandwich, Bloatware, AOSP, and Everything in Between

by: Brandon SobottaDecember 21, 2011

 A lot of terms today are thrown around in the Android community that to some, may be a little confusing. I have decided to write a post that may help clear up some of the confusion for the newcomers to the world that we have come to know as Android. The first part (that I will not covering today) is the hardware our phones are built with; the processor, screen, battery, and etc. The other is the software that is on the phone, generally referred to as the firmware. Today, I am going to go over some of the terms in reference to the software known as ROMs, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each ROM. A ROM is an after-market replacement for the firmware that comes installed on [...]

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