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FireFox 6 Beta Is Now Available

by: Aerol BibatJuly 10, 2011

Firefox is one of the world’s most popular browsers, and even though Chrome may work better with Android, Firefox is still the king of browser for many people. This is why seeing the newest version of the Firefox Beta for Android can excite a lot of users. It’s out on the Market right now, and it brings a whole lot of UI changes, performance improvements, and other fixes and enhancements.

Here’s what’s new for this version of Firefox for Android:

Better start-up – Firefox is now optimized to start faster and is less of a memory drain Higher-quality image scaling – Those small screens won’t be a problem anymore as you can view [...]
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IM+ For Android Gets An Upgrade

by: Aerol BibatJuly 10, 2011

Being people together is one of the main uses of the Internet. It does this by various means, whether it be via e-mail, internet forums or video calls. Internet messengers are popular programs that help facilitate online conversations and, as a result, one of the more popular ways that people can get in touch with each other. There are several internet messaging programs – and each of them can only connect with each other. This can be a pain when it comes to organizing things when your friends use several different ones to contact each other. This is why IM+ exists. It gathers up all of your current messaging clients under one umbrella and just hooks you up to the Internet on [...]

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News360 Arrives On Android Phones

by: Aerol BibatJuly 10, 2011

News360 is one of the must-have apps out there for news junkies. It’s got a pretty simple premise: it serves as a news aggregator, culling from more than 4,000 different news sources into one news stream that provides photos and videos. That’s a whole lot of news right there. For those with specific interests, the feed can be narrowed to follow particular people, companies, and topics. This gives subscribers a steady news source that’s often updated real-time. It’s been a hit on Android tablets and it seems the developers have just delivered the News360 to the Android phone platform.

However, that’s not all. It seems that News360 is taking [...]

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Do Some Spying With Android’s Hidden Camera App

by: Aerol BibatJuly 10, 2011

Camera phones aren’t exactly known for stealth. Anyone can easily pick out the fact that you are using your phone’s camera to do a stealth shot. It takes a quite a bit of skill to manipulate a mobile phone camera to take photos without being noticed but here’s an app that can change that. Mobile Hidden Camera for Android can make sure that you can take all the candid shots that you want – without your subject being able to notice it.

Here’s the low down on this spiffy new app. It installs itself looking like a Notepad app – but the when accessed it gives you access to your front camera to shoot and record images. One layer of its [...]

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Camangi Android Tablet Set For August Release In Japan

by: Aerol BibatJuly 9, 2011

Looking for a cheap Android tablet? There’s a lot to choose from but the problem is choosing the right one. Well, Camangi is not going to make things any easier. They’ve just announce that they will be releasing their Mangrove 7 Android Tablet in Japan this August.

The biggest problem for Camangi will be trying to distinguish itself from the veritable sea of Android tablets out there. This is must be why they opted for a limited release in Japan. The country doesn’t seem to be in the same grip of tablet mania as the Chinese or American markets are. Still, the Mangrove 7 will still be facing some stiff competition from Toshiba and Fujitsu’s [...]

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Optimus 3D Receives A Gaming Boost From Gameloft

by: Aerol BibatJuly 8, 2011

When we think of computer gaming, phones aren’t usually the first things to come to mind – the disastrous Nokia NGage is an exception. It is only nowadays that we see a real flowering of gaming on phones. This is mostly because of the arrival of powerful and small CPUs that currently back the latest generation of smart phones. 3D is also another thing we do not associate with mobile phones. But LG recently succeeded in delivering the 3D experience on phones with LG Optimus 3D – all without the stereotypical glasses.

Now, LG is all set to breach the gaming barrier with a little help from Gameloft.

Gameloft is quite proficient in the gaming [...]

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Read The News With The PressReader App

by: Aerol BibatJuly 6, 2011

With the recent news of the Zinio app being released, the magazine readers on the Android platform got a dependable app to feed their magazine addiction. Books have also seen a resurgence because of several e-reader apps and the Kindle itself being based on Android. Well, how about newspapers? It may not sound economical but having newspapers on your tablet is a good way to keep abreast of the news – especially international news. You can’t just have the New York Times delivered to your house in Tokyo after all.

Well, if you’re using Honeycomb and have a hankering for that daily paper, here’s a piece of good news. The PressReader app for [...]

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JuiceDefender Makes Sure Your Device Still Has The Charge

by: Aerol BibatJuly 6, 2011

Battery life is probably one of the most important concerns for any mobile device owner, and with devices growing increasingly powerful, more people are starting to get proactive in their attempt to make their device(s) last as long as possible. As we all know, smart phones and tablets tend to work better when not attached to a socket. Having limited battery life can be a pain at times, though. Not being aware when your device needs charging may end up with you high-and-dry somewhere without a convenient charge spot to access.

That’s why it’s best to have the Juice Defender Ultimate app installed on your device. The ultimate is tacked on there because in its [...]

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Have A Pool Party In Android!

by: Aerol BibatJuly 4, 2011

Google+ is on the loose! With the recent release of Google’s Facebook competitor there’s been up tick of social apps that are designed to work well with it. Here’s an offering from the Slide team, which has already given us Disco, a group messaging app. What they’re giving us next is Pool Party!

Sounds fun isn’t it? The name alone conjures up the social network vibe that Google is aiming for. So what exactly does Pool Party do? Well, it’s a photo-sharing app. That may sound simple but with the success of such net-based image servers like Flicker or Picasa, you can bet it has a lot more implications.

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OfficeMax Print Center Brings Your Printer Everywhere

by: Aerol BibatJuly 4, 2011

Every jet setting business traveler has been there. You’re all set for the meeting or conference or lecture or what-have-you and then you suddenly hit a snag. You need a document printed out. Not just any document that you can have dashed out on the office printer. This needs a bit of a special touch, like it needs to be on glossy paper or you maybe somewhere without a printer.

Well, if you’re near one of OfficeMax’s 900+ ImPress® Print Centers, you may need not worry. This is because the guys at OfficeMax have decided to make your life easy by releasing their new Print Center app. With this app installed into your Android device, you can upload, [...]

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