LG Viper, Sprint’s first LTE phone, to go on sale on April 15 for $99.99

by 2 years ago

After giving up on that WiMax network that looked so promising a couple of years ago, but proved to be a very uninspired idea shortly after, Sprint is finally ready to kick off its own LTE network. And after finding out the carrier’s plans for the next couple of years in terms of coverage, we today have confirmation on what will be their first ever smartphone to support 4G LTE. Like I said, we now have confirmation, because we pretty much suspected for some time now that the LG Viper will in fact be Sprint’s first 4G LTE phone. We…

Next Issue Media app launched, read 32 top magazines for 15 bucks a month

next issue media android app
by 2 years ago

CondĂ© Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp., and Time Inc. are five of the most important US print publishers these days, so, when a while ago we heard they were joining forces into one mighty venture, we knew that we should expect something exciting. That something has finally materialized earlier today, in the form of an Android app for tablets that offers easy access  to no less than 32 magazines. The mags should cover pretty much all tastes and preferences, targeting men and women of all ages, formations, and professions. Some of the most important titles available on the Next Issue Media app are…

Why NVIDIA is going to have a stellar year

by 2 years ago

NVIDIA is one of the most well-known, respected and established names in the industry of graphics processing manufacturing. While this may be true, the US-based company has struggled to gain profitability due to a variety of environmental and economic events of the past few years. After being named Forbes’ “Company of the Year’’ in 2007, Jen-Hsun Huang’s electronics giant entered into a slippery slope of economic decline, constantly reporting quarterly losses and dips in revenue. While most companies would have cut costs and considered thinking of reducing production, NVIDIA did exactly the opposite. While the GeForce GPU product line has…

NEC creates amazingly thin Organic Radical Battery

NEC organic radical battery
by 2 years ago

It’s not every day that I get overly excited about a new breakthrough in technology, a so-called “innovation” or a “revolutionary achievement”. Over the years, I have seen many things that didn’t blow me off my feet, but today I have to bow in front of NEC. The Japanese-based multinational IT company is currently working on an ultra thin (no, scratch that, rather super-ultra-extra thin) “Organic Radical Battery” and, after taking a look at some of the latest photos released by NEC, I must say that, for the first time in a while, I am truly amazed! The organic radical battery…

Google Wallet loses key figure to Square, but still hopes to move forward with TxVIA acquisition

Google Wallet
by 2 years ago

Google Wallet, the mobile payment platform that Google launched in May 2011, has had a very tough time lately, facing serious security problems, carrier rejection, and an unexpectedly strong competition from PayPal. The latest update on Google Wallet is a classic good news/bad news scenario – the fledgling mobile payment system received yet another painful blow, this time from the inside, but is still inching forward, with the acquiring of TxVIA, a small, but well-established payment processing company. Let’s discuss this mixed bag of  news on Google Wallet and try to find out if the mobile payment system has a…

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S3 to sport 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED+ display, carrier testing in process

by 2 years ago

To say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most awaited smartphone of 2012 would be a huge understatement. To say that the folks  at Samsung are doing an awesome, yet unbelievably annoying job in building up the tension with regularly leaked “information” from “anonymous” sources would be an even bigger understatement. Well, no matter if you like it or not, if you’re already fed up with the rumors or you can’t get enough of them, today we have yet another speculation concerning the Galaxy S3, coming, of course, from unnamed sources. According to Korean website, the Samsung Galaxy S…

The Android juggernaut is unstoppable: Accenture research

by 2 years ago

Based in Ireland, Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. From time to time, the company releases studies or surveys focusing on technology market and mobile computing, offering precious insights into the evolution of the complex world of technology. One of Accenture’s most recent presentations took place at MWC (Mobile World Congress) and focused on Android’s growth rate compared to Apple’s progress over the past few years. I know what you’re thinking, MWC concluded more than a month ago, so why is this guy bringing us such old raggedy news? Well, we here at Android Authority…

HTC One X coming to Rogers Canada in “the next few weeks”

by 2 years ago

The HTC One X is, by far, the most exciting Android-based smartphone to launch in April (or May, for that matter, if the Galaxy S3′s release date will be pushed towards summer, as rumors state right now), and the Taiwanese certainly know how to build up the tension and expectations for their upcoming flagship. After being finally put on sale in select European countries yesterday, the 4.7-inch beast might be coming to North America as well in the following couple of weeks. Yeah, it’s still “might” and “could”, because HTC’s officials are, for some reason, putting off the official release…

The F-word (the other one) doesn’t scare all Android developers

android fragmentation boogie monster
by 2 years ago

Android fragmentation is a huge problem. Or at least, that’s what we all think after listening to technology experts, web developers, game developers, and simple technology geeks, all talking about fragmentation as if were a nuclear war or a shattering earthquake. Pretty much every discussion and debate regarding Android’s strong and weak points right now starts with what most people think is the operating system’s first downside, fragmentation. But is fragmentation such a dramatic issue in reality, at least from the app developers’ point of view? Isn’t Android’s own F-word just a nuisance that gets blown to enormous proportions due to exaggerations and…

HTC EVO One pictured in first press shot, to be unveiled on Wednesday

by 2 years ago

HTC’s One series of smartphones has already hit Europe (well, at least some select European countries), but Americans are still drooling over the One S, One V and, especially, the One X. While initially it was supposed to be an AT&T exclusive, the One X will most likely have a Sprint special version as well, called the EVO One (and also a Verizon edition, most likely called One XL, but that’s a discussion for another time). Our own Bogdan reported on the EVO One news a couple of days back, based on a few rumors around the web that the…