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Android Jelly Bean: A look at how it became the champion we all wanted

July 9, 2013
Now that Jelly Bean has become the most used Iteration of Android, let’s take a look back at its rise to the top. Overthrowing the Gingerbread king wasn’t easy, but Google had a little help from their friends. If nothing else, Jelly Bean represents a major shift in Android hardware, and how devices are able to support newer versions.
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How the Motorola X Phone could change things

July 8, 2013
Motorola is taking a chance here, and it’s actually exciting for once. Rather than try to shove a ton of hardware into a slim phone, they’ve gone and made a really good phone anyone would be happy to own.
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PSA: Sprint changed their ToS. You have until July 31 to get out of your contract free of charge.

July 8, 2013

Sprint is buying Clearwire, and merging with SoftBank. Any time there is a shift in the way a company does business, they often have to change their Terms of Service. While that may seem trivial to you, it also represents a way out of a contract you’re not happy with — free of charge.

Free?! No early termination fee? That’s right, friends, a change in your Terms of Service often lets you escape those obnoxious early termination fees altogether. In most cases, the subscriber has 30 days to challenge the new ToS and escape unscathed. Continuing to pay for service is basically your compliance with the new terms, so watch carefully for changes.

Material [...]
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Is that a Monkey King in your pocket?!

July 8, 2013
Nothing too exciting with a quad core MT6589, but 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage is nice. So is the 5-inch 1080p screen. Still not wowed? How about a price tag that comes in at under $300 (Yuan 1,699)?
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Rogers Canada may be getting the exclusive on the Motorola X Phone

July 5, 2013
With customization in play for the X Phone, it would be safe to assume Rogers will get exclusive rights to the device, but we’re not willing to make that assumption. This could be a special color backplate only available to the provider, or some kind of bundle.
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Amazon drops price on Kindle Fire HD 7″

July 5, 2013
Even at the regular price, these tablets were well worth the money. Amazon has discounted them, though, making them even more attractive. Whether as as second tablet for the family or a first for you, the Kindle Fire HD is a great choice. The 7-inch screen is perfect for all use-case scenarios, and is perfect for little hands.
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Sony highlights Xperia Z Ultra in new video

July 5, 2013
The device is simply too large for traditional one-handed interaction, so Sony has a few tricks up their sleeve. A keyboard that slides to one side of the screen, and a bluetooth device meant to take calls and view text messages.
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SHOULDERPOD is a really cool smartphone accessory for taking better pictures and video

July 4, 2013
A catch-all for better photography, SHOULDERPOD can do just about anything you ask of it. If you want to mount it to a tripod, no problem. Ever wish you had a handle for your phone? They’ve got you covered.
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QWOP is now available for Android, still making us look silly.

July 4, 2013
If you’re wondering why it’s called QWOP, that’s the runner’s name. Awkward name, awkward game play, but oddly fun. A Play store rating of 4.2 shows early adopters like it, though.
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Petition circulating for HTC to support the One S

July 4, 2013
At just over one year old, the device is still very capable. It was never a top-tier device, but it was an HTC flagship for the One lineup. Considering many users are still under contract with the device, it would be a good idea to support it, and create some brand loyalty
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