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Is Coolpad the next Huawei?

by: Nate SwannerJuly 12, 2013
Whereas they once concentrated on devices for enterprise solutions, their recent focus on the consumer market has paid off. Expanding their horizon has as well, with their first US offering via Metro PCS appearing last year.
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Report out of Italy suggest Acer has a new tablet coming, and it’s impressive

by: Nate SwannerJuly 12, 2013
If this is the successor to the Nexus 7, it packs a punch. It’s about twice as fast, and a the display resolution is Chromebook Pixel-esque.
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Robin Rath of Pixel Press speaks to Android Authority about, well, Pixel Press!

by: Nate SwannerJuly 11, 2013
We spoke with Robin about all things Pixel Press. When a concept this wonderful comes out of left field as it has, we just have to know all about it.
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Samsung’s weird, new patent

by: Nate SwannerJuly 11, 2013
It’s hard to think Samsung would consider these commercially attractive, so this could be an enterprise device. We’d also like to think Samsung could come up with a sleeker device, especially for an all-in-one.
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X Phone specs, and why you shouldn’t care

by: Nate SwannerJuly 11, 2013
Even though this is the new mid-range, and essentially puts the device on par with a Galaxy S3, devices like the Sony Xperia Z will still hold the hardware upper-hand. Devices like that won’t provide the same experience, or price, but they will be able to handle heavier tasks. Tasks that not everyone needs, or wants, to tackle.
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Chromebooks comprise about 25% of sub-$300 PC sales

by: Nate SwannerJuly 10, 2013
The world is moving toward a more mobile environment. Mobility is an important factor in our digital lives, and no laptop offers that better than a Chromebook.
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Leaked document shows Sprint may be changing up their ‘Everything’ plans

by: Nate SwannerJuly 10, 2013
These new plans position Sprint closer to “traditional” carrier pricing and plan structuring. Pay for your basic phone plan, then add-ons weigh you down. We’ll applaud Sprint for not going with the staggered data limits, as the image shows an “Unlimited” or “1GB” data plan, but this all seems needlessly complex.
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Samsung and HTC may be supporting ZigBee home automation

by: Nate SwannerJuly 10, 2013
Pocket Lint has learned that the ZigBee Alliance will be offering their service on Samsung devices, with HTC said to be very interested as well.
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Google shuts Latitude down

by: Nate SwannerJuly 10, 2013
This change is effective because Maps is seeing an update. With the new interface and features of Maps, Latitude just didn’t have a place. Instead, there will be social functionality, and users can check in on Google+ for Android.
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Google updates Hangouts, allowing us to make phone calls

by: Nate SwannerJuly 9, 2013
Google has heard our cries, and blessed Hangouts with the ability to make calls! Inside of Gmail, much like we currently can with Google Talk, Hangouts will soon give us the ability to make calls.
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