Verizon has four mysterious Droid videos for us

Droid videos
by 12 months ago

The videos aren’t long, but they get their point across nicely. Endurance, strength, detail, and intelligence; those are the four attributes Motorola would like us to take away from today’s device announcements, and it seems like the new Droid lineup will deliver.

Droid lineup won’t be made in USA like the Moto X

Screenshot 2013-07-23 at 10.15.09 AM
by 12 months ago

The Moto X is made at a Motorola facility in Texas, which probably can’t handle the volume associated with running four distinct models out the door. It’s worth noting that the factory is an old Nokia plant, so they may simply not be adequately set up for multiple device runs.

Droid Maxx: Your new battery beast is here!

Droid mini, Ultra, Maxx
by 12 months ago

At 8.5mm, compared to the 9.3mm it was before, the Maxx is still really slight. The original model boasted 32 hours of power from the battery, but the new model promises to run for 48 hours. That’s a staggering statistic, compared to what we’ve come to expect from our devices.

Moto X camera interface leaks ahead of official launch

Moto X
by 1 year ago

A swipe from the right will bring up your gallery (Android 4.2 users are familiar with that), and a swipe from the left brings up your settings. This is a touch different than the current stock Android camera settings menu, which shows up anywhere on the screen you touch while the camera is open.

NFC-enabled ring is killing it on Kickstarter

NFC Ring
by 1 year ago

The concept is really unique, in that the ring has one side that is “public” and the other “private”. As you can see in the video below, the ring can be programmed to accomplish two varied sets of tasks.

Google buys small stake in company that makes Google Glass displays

Google Glass Vision
by 1 year ago

This investment of Google’s is said to help increase production, and includes the caveat that Himax will fund expansion and capacity for HDI. While no roadmap for expansion or capacity increase has been laid out, we’d like to believe this is a gesture on behalf of Google for Glass production to take place on a massive scale.