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Ten Excellent Android Apps For Comic Lovers

by: MiguelJune 11, 2011

Here is an awesome list of 10 comic apps for the comic-hungry. Ideal for those who enjoy a healthy diet of graphic storytelling, not only are these apps the perfect digital medium for e-reading, but they are all free. Whether it’s Manga, American, Euromerican (?) or the underground variety, these apps a re tailor made for every manner of taste out there.

jjComics Viewer

A timeless classic? Dig this: jjViewer was the first of its kind. Back then, it broke new ground as the only comic viewer app on Android. Quite a feat. It’s still relevant today and has a solid track record behind it.


A renowned image viewer that’s [...]

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Is There An Upcoming Unnamed Android Messaging App In the Works?

by: MiguelJune 11, 2011

Is it true? True as concrete. Rock solid. But there hasn’t been a leak from Google as to exactly what it is. Much less what it’s called. It’s purpose is obvious though: be to Android devices what iMessage and BBM are to their respective users.

Unfortunately there’s not much else to go by on this front, except that the usual mobile carriers are in a lot of trouble once Android, RIM, and Apple introduce their own messaging platforms. At least this was the gist of a Wall Street Journal Story that softly ‘broke’ the news of Google’s intentions for messaging.

In it, reporter Anton Troianovski gives a survey of a business [...]

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The Magnificent Seven: A Few Excellent Antivirus Android Apps

by: MiguelJune 9, 2011

Updated: Best Android antivirus apps

And they’re all free! Keeping your beloved Android phone secure from viruses should be a priority. In these days when news of major corporate entities being attacked is far too common, it’s of paramount importance that you do your bit to protect your own personal information. Oh, and backing your files is important too, so a few extra tools necessary for the job should be at hand. To achieve this end, here’s a list of excellent free apps that have great track records.

Lookout Mobile Security

In not so many words, Lookout is a comprehensive package that features anti-virus, [...]

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Two Weeks From Now, Archos Will Unveil New Honeycomb Tablets In Paris

by: MiguelJune 4, 2011

The above title is referring to June 23rd, to be specific. With its sights set on grabbing a hefty chunk of the Android market, especially in France where it beat Samsung by a huge margin, invitations are now circulating among various media outlets for a very special date.

What makes this Archos event so exciting is the new Generation 9 tablets they’ll finally reveal to the world. A lot of people griped about Archos being behind the times in the past. Now it’s different as Archos have embraced the Honeycomb OS for their next line of tablets.

The Generation 9 breed is expected to include a whole variety of sizes, from compact 5″ affairs to [...]

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Why App Inventor Rules, According To The Professor Who Teaches It

by: MiguelJune 4, 2011

At the University of San Francisco there is a man who spends his working days teaching students App Inventor. Not only is Professor David Wolber quite the app fan, he’s teaching everyone about App Inventor which was released last year to great acclaim and currently in beta. So much so he actually wrote a book titled App Inventor that teaches how to utilize it to its fullest and create great apps even without a background in coding.

A fresh new interview of his is out at O’Reilly Radar and below are a few juicy experts. For starters, his reason why App Inventor is the ideal platform for newbies and experts alike goes:

“I’ve taught [...]

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Zinio Floods Android 3.0 Tablets With Free Magazines

by: MiguelJune 1, 2011

Good news indeed. The even better news is thousands of great magazine titles are now available via Zinio, a mobile magazine newsstand app who’ve practically brought an entire medium right into the fingertips of select users. Of course, by ‘select’ is meant the following tablets:

Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus Pad, Acer Iconia, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a bunch of other Honeycomb devices are eligible for a very special promo.


Not only are thousands of great titles available, but downloading the Zinio app before June 15 (there’s so much spare time until then, folks) avails the eager reader 24 free titles. It’s a steal! The [...]

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Really Cheap Android Tablets From Arnova Coming Next Month

by: MiguelMay 29, 2011

Since the market is close to over saturated anyway, might as well be competitive in the only league that’s, well, still competitive. That’s pricing. Arnova, a strapping young tech company from lovely China, first grabbed attention with its cut price Archos 10.1 earlier this year. Arnova are now aiming for an even cheaper Android tablet and have a couple ready for a June release. Now say hello to the Arnova 7 and its heftier sibling the Arnova 8.4.

The Arnova Archos 10.1 was a decent tablet whose 199 Euro retail price inspired sighs of relief from budget-strained enthusiasts who craved tablets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Now Arnova wants to work [...]

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BBC News App Finally Enters Android Market

by: MiguelMay 27, 2011

The most British of media institutions, namely BBC News, is now available for consumption via smartphone and tablet. Everything above Android 1.6 is compatible with the downloaded app, (a preview here) but unfortunately Android Honeycomb is off limits. Another thing to feel bad about: it’s UK only.

Don’t worry, an international version is on its way.

The app was officially announced on the BBC blog the other day. Here’s a good chunk of explanatory text (thank you, Anthony Sullivan):

“Nowhere is immediacy and accessibility of content more important than with news. We witnessed a 78% increase in users of our mobile browser service [...]

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Acer Mass Producing Intel-powered Android Tablets For July Outing

by: MiguelMay 25, 2011

Juicy news has trickled from the grapevine that will definitely excite the enthusiasm of the tablet-inclined. The word’s out Acer are mass-producing a new line of Android tablets for a July release. That’s barely two months away and the choice of using Intel processors is what makes this item so alluring. Important note: Pictured above isn’t the much-talked about Acer tablet, but a representation in lieu of photographic evidence.

Contrary to what Paul Otellini may say about Android being “chaotic”, this Intel/Android mash up is being construed as an effort by the chipmaker to establish a beachhead in the tablet [...]

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Barnes & Noble Officially Unveils New Android E-Ink Nook

by: MiguelMay 25, 2011

It’s a six-inch full E-Ink touchscreen that can hold 1,000 books. There’s an initial 2GB storage but microSD upgrades can muscle it all the way to a hefty 32GB. Such is the brand new Nook e-reader Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch triumphantly raised in the air today in a cozy event in New York.

But wait, seen below isn’t the new Nook (it’s Mr. Lynch at a previous Barnes & Noble event), as photos of it are a bit scarce. Read on for the full reveal.

The official unveiling drew an obligatory amount of oohs and aahs from a rapt audience who were teased the new Nook’s virtues. Running on Android 2.1, the Nook is slated for a [...]

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