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Joshua Vergara

Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!

Joshua's Posts

HTC One A9 review

Does a more compact design, improved camera and solid software experience help HTC's newest device stand out from the crowd? We find that out, and more, in our full HTC One A9 review!
by Joshua VergaraNovember 6, 201560

Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus

Featuring the purest versions of their respective ecosystems, how do these two large display flagships compare? We find out, in this closer look at the Nexus 6P vs iPhone 6S Plus!
by Joshua VergaraNovember 6, 2015218

OnePlus X hands-on and first impressions!

The all-new OnePlus X brings some new materials to some internals you may be familiar with, but one of the most important aspects of this shiny handset is its price point.
by Joshua VergaraOctober 29, 201552

Podcast 037: HTC One A9 and the Question of Derivation

Is it all that bad that the HTC One A9 looks incredibly familiar?
by Joshua VergaraOctober 28, 20159

Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5X

We have been playing with both the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X for some time and are ready to put them face to face. The Nexus 5X costs $379, while the Nexus 6P will set you back $499 - but ...
by Joshua VergaraOctober 25, 201530

Samsung Gear S2 review

Does Samsung's first round face smartwatch make for a compelling choice? We find out, in this comprehensive review of the Samsung Gear S2!
by Joshua VergaraOctober 22, 201566

HTC One A9 first impressions: trying some new things

We go hands on and give you our first impressions about the latest smartphone from HTC, in this first look at the HTC One A9!
by Joshua VergaraOctober 20, 201588

Nexus 6P unboxing and impressions after first 48 hours

We take a quick look at the unboxing and give you our first impressions of the Nexus 6P!
by Joshua VergaraOctober 19, 201557

Moto X Style (Pure Edition) – second opinion

After giving it the full review treatment, we take a second look at the experience provided by the Moto X Pure Edition / Style!
by Joshua VergaraOctober 16, 201537

Podcast 035: Marshmallow and Windows

Is Marshmellow everything we want it to be? Also, Windows Mobile is back, so we have to talk about it.
by Joshua VergaraOctober 13, 2015
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