Inside Search

The holidays are in full swing. People are out buying turkeys and early Christmas presents. decorations are going up and kids are drawing turkeys by tracing their hands. Google is looking to help people keep up with the holidays with Inside Search, which offers a wealth of information for anyone who’s looking to enjoy the holidays.

US Cellular

Over the course of the last 6 months, carriers in the US have begun doing unlimited data plans to compete for customers who use a lot of data. Following examples by Sprint and T-Mobile, US Cellular now has their own unlimited 4G LTE plan with an option to add tethering.


With the Apple vs the world patent wars finally simmering down, we were all hoping these patent battles would soon be over. It turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth as LG is being taken to court by Samsung over OLED patents.


While Apple is off getting patents for break neck technological advancements like the rectangle and turning pages in books, Google has been after something a little more worthwhile. We’re all... familiar with GPS. A bunch of satellites in space send our devices a signal that uses that signal to pinpoint our locations. Google now has a patent that works much like that, but with cell coverage.<...