We currently have a plethora of ways to get data to our smart phones. We can use QR codes, messages and email, and even NFC. At this year’s CEATEC, Fujitsu has demonstrated a new way to get data... from the world to our smart phones. This method uses our televisions.

It’s much the same premise as a QR code. When a TV commercial prompts you to, you open up your camera and point it at th...


Google’s virtual brain spent the summer learning things from YouTube videos and the results are both startling and amazing. The learning the virtual brain has done has already gone into a lot of products like Google Glasses and the Google Car. It has also managed to make its way onto Android as it helps voice search and voice recognition technology improve.


It was speculated for a few months that Motorola could be killing of Webtop. Webtop was an innovative idea that allowed people to connect their Motorola phones to their computers with a dock and control it from there. While many liked the idea, Motorola reported that customer support wasn’t strong enough to justify spending more money to develop the idea further.


We’ve all seen the awesomeness that is Project Glass. A pair glasses with a HUD that shows you pretty much everything about anything. Google recently patented a smartwatch that may have that very same technology built in. It’ll have a flip open piece that’ll give you the same kind of information, except you wear this on your wrist.