Every now and then, someone has an idea that’s so ridiculous that we don’t know if it’s totally awesome or not. DARPA had one of those ideas recently. Their proposal is to strap Android phones to Soldiers along with some other gadgets. The result would be giving the Soldiers “Predator vision” to better hunt out the enemy.


Even though the concept of Android is much older, Android celebrates its official coming to the world today. On November 5, 2007, the Open Handset Alliance would announce an open source mobile operating system that flew in the face of all the smart phone competition. It’s open nature and promotion of sharing allowed it to attain greatness unlike anything seen in the mobile industry before.

angry birds

The last time mobile gamers had a chance to get their bird-flinging on, it was Angry Birds’ first trip into space. Now Rovio has taken it a step further by introducing Angry Birds Star Wars. This epic game crossover features all your favorite Star Wars characters in Angry Bird form and you can now see a game play trailer showcasing the new bird abilities.


To help local business, Facebook has entered into a deal where they send routers to businesses. Users can then log onto the internet for free, provided they check in on Facebook. The resulting routing to the business’ Facebook page is intended to help bolster likes for lesser known businesses and improve Facebook local searches.