Mobile Media Ideas, which is owned by Nokia and Sony, are taking Apple to court over a patent dealing with screen rotation. Despite Apple’s best efforts, the judge in Delaware told Apple that they wouldn’t be throwing out the case. Pretty soon, Apple will proceed to trial to defend itself against Mobile Media Ideas.

Mitt Romney

With the 2012 election over, it’s time for the republican party to go back and figure out where they went wrong. One thing they’ll be looking at is an app called Orca, which was supposed to help volunteers get more people to vote. Unfortunately, the app was massively flawed and never really worked.

Galaxy Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a pretty unique device. It’s a point and shoot camera that runs Android. Despite its decent specs and HSPA-enabled radio, the camera cannot be used as a phone. People in the UK can now pre-order the camera from a couple of online retail sites and expect deliver in a few days.