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13 best Android apps of March 2014

by: Joe HindyApril 5, 2014
March is over and April has begun so it's time to take a look back and check out the best Android apps that were released in March 2014.
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Say hello to the leaked Android TV

by: Joe HindyApril 5, 2014
Android TV has been rumored to be coming since last year and now it appears as though we have a very good and detailed leak. So say hello to Android TV!
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyApril 4, 2014
This week we talk about some Google apps updates, a new Humble Bundle for Android, Spritz, and five more Android apps you shouldn't miss this week!
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Microsoft Office for Android review

by: Joe HindyMarch 31, 2014
In this review we'll check Microsoft Office for Android. After an announcement last week, Office is free to use for Android owners so let's check it out!
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Opera Max App Review

by: Joe HindyMarch 30, 2014
Opera Max is an application from the makers of Opera Browser that could help cut your data usage dramatically. In this review, we're going to check it out.
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Newsbeat review – Android Authority

by: Joe HindyMarch 29, 2014
In this app review we'll take a look at an app called Newsbeat. In this app, it delivers you the news but instead of making you read, it'll read it for you.
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyMarch 28, 2014
This week we talk about Microsoft Office going free, Portal for Android, Link Bubble, Spotify discounts, and more Android apps you shouldn't miss!
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Link Bubble Review

by: Joe HindyMarch 27, 2014
In today's app review we'll be taking a look at Link Bubble. It's a truly unique app that makes web browsing far more convenient than we thought possible.
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyMarch 21, 2014
It's Google Play Weekly! This week we saw game play video of the Angry Birds RPG, Play Services 4.3, tap-to-pay changes, and 5 Android apps you can't miss!
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Indie app of the day – GalaxyTRIS

by: Joe HindyMarch 19, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is called GalaxyTRIS - A quick-to-play little game where you navigate through Tetris-themed levels as quickly as possible.
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