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The ASUS Padfone: Smartphone and Tablet Together At Last! [Updated]

by: Chit AgustinMay 30, 2011

[UPDATE: Video below] Have you ever dreamt of a smartphone and a tablet all in one? Well if you have, your dream has come true!

Recently, a few leaked images of a device you never thought existed, have surfaced. Meet the new ASUS Padfone! The Padfone is a combo of a smartphone (the “fone”) and a tablet (the “Pad”) with a special chamber wherein you can dock the smartphone inside and allow it to be totally consumed by it. See the images for yourself so you can imagine what I am saying.

ASUS’ idea was similar in some regards to that of the Motorola Atrix 4G and its laptop dock accessory, but with a twist. Hopefully, ASUS is equipped to keep the brilliant [...]

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android 3.1 Update Earlier Than Expected

by: Chit AgustinMay 30, 2011

Hey Android fans, guess what – Android 3.1 Honeycomb update for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer has come oozing out early than expected! The speculation with regard to this update is that it will be coming this June. However, Android’s sweetest version update for the Eee Pad Transformer is a bit early and has already been leaked to the Hot Hardware team.

The team loaded the software package into a microSD card and proceeded to do their dirty work. By holding the volume up while pressing the power button for a quite a long time, they switched the device into ROM boot mode and selected the update. In just a matter of minutes, the installation [...]

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Microsoft Getting Richer Because of Android

by: Chit AgustinMay 30, 2011

“Google’s Android seems the best thing that could have happened to Microsoft’s mobile efforts, ever.” – This is according to Horace Dediu from Asymco.

Could that be possible? Yes, believe it or not, it’s indeed for real. If you can still recall, Microsoft sued HTC before for the case of intellectual property infringement. As a result, HTC has had to pay Microsoft approximately $5 for each HTC Android phone sold. Microsoft is getting richer because of this patent settlement between the two companies.

Based on what Asymco is saying, almost 30 million Android phones were already sold by HTC. 30 million is a very substantial number which has resulted in Microsoft accruing [...]

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Samsung Fights Back! Demands Apple Lay Down iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Final Samples

by: Chit AgustinMay 30, 2011

The skirmish between Samsung and Apple is getting more and more interesting, day by day. We knew from the very start that the clash between these two massive companies would create a lot of controversy. Samsung was sued by Apple because of alleged violations of their intellectual property, and, as such, was mandated to lay down their pre-production mock-ups of the Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Infuse 4G and the Droid Charge to Apple’s legal team, and the court. The reason why Samsung is obliged to do this is because Apple, and the court itself, needs to examines these devices to make a decision whether these will also be a part of the court case.

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PayPal not-so-happy with Google Wallet

by: Chit AgustinMay 27, 2011

Don’t you love drama? Lawyers sure do. Recently, Google took pride in announcing their newest service that hopes to rid you of the necessity of having a – gasp! – physical wallet. Google’s announcement has a lot of people excited, however, there are some parties that are not too happy. First on this list is PayPal, who have just filed a 28-page lawsuit against Google.

The complaint revolves around Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both in charge of Google’s mobile payments. Osama Bedier is PayPal’s former VP of Platform, Mobile and New Ventures, and Stephanie Tilenius is his colleague before they were recruited to work with Google by Android’s [...]

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What will Google Wallet do for me?

by: Chit AgustinMay 27, 2011

“Make your phone your wallet” – only if you have Google Wallet. Google has just announced Google Wallet as well as Google Offers during a press affair held in New York City. Together with MasterCard, Citi, First Data, Macy’s, Subway, Toys ‘R Us, Sprint and other well-known companies, Google is bringing another kind of service that looks to revolutionize how we pay for the things.

So what does it all mean for me?

Consider this: all you need to do to enjoy Google’s service is install the Google Wallet app in your Android smartphone, and permitting it has NFC, will enable you to get spendin’ right away.  After the installation, there are no restrictions as to how [...]

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Sprint, Motorola to Hold June Press Event; Might Intro Photon 4G

by: Chit AgustinMay 27, 2011

Both Sprint and Motorola are holding an “exclusive luncheon” event this coming June 9 at The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. The announcement on Sprint says that there will be demos on the latest collaborative handiwork of Sprint and Motorola.

News sources are guessing that the event will spotlight the Motorola Titanium and/or the Motorola XPRT, both Android smartphones built for business and enterprise use. Several sources also speculate that the press event may also see the Motorola Photon 4G being launched.

Reliable sources have confirmed to us that Sprint indeed will be having an Android phone equipped with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 superchip. And, [...]

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T-Mobile Flaunting Hypothetical Speeds of 42Mbps

by: Chit AgustinMay 24, 2011

It was getting late last night when rumors started to spread about T-Mobile’s 4G network. Earlier this morning, they announced that they have just doubled up the speed of their 4G network. Indeed, T-Mobile’s 4G network is America’s largest 4G network with connectivity in over fifty markets all throughout the United States. And now, it looks like T-Mobile is trying to prove that they are also America’s fastest 4G network flaunting a hypothetical max speed of 42Mbps. If what they say proves true, then all I can say is “Wow!”

However, this is all hypothetical. Meaning to say, in order to experience anything close to these speeds, you have to be experiencing the best [...]

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Take Sony Ericsson’s Challenge And Win New Phones!

by: Chit AgustinMay 24, 2011

Are you a social media aficionado? Do you absolutely love music? Perhaps you would want to join Sony Ericsson’s challenge so you can have the chance to win a brand new phone from Sony!

Most recently, Sony Ericsson posted a challenge on Facebook. All you need to do is to guess what would be the name of the two most recent and upcoming smartphones from Sony Ericsson. You have three sets of options. The options are – is it the Sony Ericsson txt pro and Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman? Text mini messenger and Mixing mini? Or Messaging pro and Mini Walkman?

Once you already made your guess, you are required to write, in 50 words or less, the reason why you should be the [...]

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Samsung Execs Back in War Room to Plan Defeat Strategy vs Apple

by: Chit AgustinMay 22, 2011

How would you like to get a new wave of Android devices from Samsung next year? Not official, though, but very likely. Samsung higher-ups flew in from Korea to meet in Silicon Valley late this week to discuss ways on finally grabbing Apple’s market share by 2012. You would think that the battle between Samsung and Apple is over, after the heat from the news of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung and the latter’s countersuit has dissipated somewhat. But no–you can expect more skirmishes in the coming months as Samsung preps its battle plan against Apple.

The meeting didn’t explicitly mention Android, but being the strongest and most viable [...]

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