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Andrew Grush

Andrew is one of the three Managing Editors of Android Authority, primarily responsible for the overseeing of US team of writers, in addition to several other projects such as VR Source and more. He loves tech, gaming, his family, and good conversations with like-minded folks.

Andrew's Posts

Unique wearable Taptool accessory arrives to Kickstarter, 2 Taptools for pledge of $10

Last month we first reported on the Taptool, a unique wearable accessory designed to help relieve stress to our joints and fingers. Now the Taptool's creator has officially launched a ...
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 201414

Todoist gets a new update under the name ‘Todoist Next’, introduces visual scheduling and more

Todoist has now introduced a brand new update alongside a name-change to 'Todoist Next'. Changes include a visual scheduler, free syncing between platforms and more.
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 20144

Updated Motorola Migrate helps iPhone users make the switch, thanks to iCloud support

Motorola Migrate's latest update now makes it possible to sync contacts and calendar details from an iPhone by pulling the info down from iCloud.
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 20143

Motorola Moto X now available in Walnut, Teak and Ebony finishes

As expected, the Motorola Moto X can now be custom ordered in Walnut, Teak and Ebony finishes. The new wood options will cost an extra $25, however.
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 20148

Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 cases 25% off for a limited time via the Play Store

For a limited time, Google is offering 25% off Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 cases directly through the Play Store. Read on for more details!
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 20149

Moto X outperforms the competition in LTE network connectivity test

In a recent Signals Research test it was determined that the Moto X outperformed several other major Android devices in terms of network connectivity performance. Keep reading for more ...
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 201410

Interested in beta testing Android apps? Here’s some links to help you get started

There are tons of apps out there that have beta programs that are open to just about anyone and everyone, and with that in mind we bring you a list of some of the best.
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 201427

Beats Music launches in the U.S., priced at $9.99 a month

Beats Electronics has finally launched their much-anticipated music service in the United States, known officially as Beats Music. The new service is priced at $9.99 a month, although ...
by Andrew GrushJanuary 21, 20143

Facebook for Android Alpha build sports a new look

A new alpha release of Facebook has recently arrived, bringing with it a brand new look to the Android app. Keep reading for more details!
by Andrew GrushJanuary 20, 201438

Bug causes Final Fantasy VI to crash half-way into the game [Update: it’s fixed]

A serious bug is causing Final Fantasy VI to crash about half-way through the game, during the battle scene between General Leo and Kefka in Thamasa. Thankfully, Square Enix has already ...
by Andrew GrushJanuary 20, 201410
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