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The Binatone Android eReader Is Looking Nice

by: Aerol BibatAugust 1, 2011

E-book readers are an increasingly popular product. With Amazon’s Kindle leading the pack, most of these devices pack Android as their OS of choice. This is mostly because it’s cheap and easy to use.

Binatone, a small manufacturer, already has a proven track record in providing cheap eBook Readers that can also function as Android tablets. There’s the ReadMe Daily, the HomeSurf 7, and the HomeSurf 8 devices. They’re not exactly scene-stealers, but they are decent and usable devices for any prospective user. The company’s latest offering though is pretty unique.

The Binatone ReadMe Mobile has two main features. First is a 7 inch, 800 [...]

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Eking T9 Maybe The Thinnest Android Tablet Ever

by: Aerol BibatAugust 1, 2011

Chinese manufacturers are better known for producing cheap knock-offs of other companies’ products. That’s a rather undeserved reputation – these same manufacturers are the ones who usually make the products of such companies like Acer, Apple, and others. This is why you sometimes see an original product coming out of the morass.

The Eking T9 tablet is an example of these original creations. Produced by Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology, the tablet is supposed to be the world’s thinnest tablet. At least, that’s what the company claims.

All we know about it is the device’s specs and some press shots that make it look [...]

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Google Updates Gmail For Android

by: Aerol BibatAugust 1, 2011

If you’re using Android, you probably have a Gmail account. Google’s wildly successful e-mail service has become an Internet staple – with Google essentially winning the online e-mail wars. Well, e-mail services while convenient for online browsing have a bit of a problem when it comes to actually having access to the messages on your phone when you need it. That’s why Google’s Gmail app for Android smartphones is another big success for the company.

It’s still not perfect though, that’s why the big G has just updated the Gmail app and took the program up to version 2.3.5. There’s quite a kerfuffle around data plans right now, so [...]

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Bigwords App For Android A Boon For Students

by: Aerol BibatAugust 1, 2011

College can be a big money pit. Everyone knows that its expensive – that’s why there are student loans after all – but it can actually get pretty ridiculous. One of the prime examples is the cost of textbooks. For what are essentially information aides, you will have to pay a whole lot of cash up to a hundred dollars a book. You sometimes won’t even be using them again after the course!

Well, if you’re in a bit of a bind with textbooks, the usual route is the second-hand shop. However, they’re kind of hit and miss. After all, availability for particular books can be a bit sporadic. However, here’s a new app to help you [...]

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Dell Streak Pro Exclusively Released In China

by: Aerol BibatJuly 29, 2011

Well, we’ve been expecting this for a while – but Dell has finally done it. The company has just fired its opening salvo in the Chinese market and has exclusively released its newest 10-inch Android tablet in China. This is aimed at the emerging Chinese market that the company is hoping to tap.

The new tablet is named the Streak 10 Pro is pretty obviously aimed at the Chinese market, with its Chinese interface and a slew of popular apps pre-loaded. It’s also priced for the Chinese consumer. Tagged at 2999 yuan, it over half a thousand yuan cheaper than Apple’s iPad 2.

So what do Chinese consumers get for their money? The Streak 10 Pro weighs [...]

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Amazon Appstore Update Rolled Out

by: Aerol BibatJuly 29, 2011

If you haven’t experienced it yet, the Amazon App Store is looking to give the traditional Android Market some stiff competition. The wide selection and the Amazon customer experience are a great combination – so much so that you can’t imagine just how it can get better.

Well, it just did! The Amazon App Store has just rolled out a new update for its popular store. Upping the version number to version 1.15, this update tweaks quite a few things that weren’t quite perfect and this should be a treat for both buyers and developers alike.

So what gets added. Here’s a peek the change log:

New Feature: [...]
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Skygrid Newsreader Arrives For Android

by: Aerol BibatJuly 28, 2011

News is big business. With all of the newspapers on the stands, this is a pretty obvious conclusion. With the dawn of the tablet age, news corporations have been doing their best to translate themselves into the digital medium. This is mostly because the tablet is a perfect platform for reading – portable, easy-to-carry, with a smooth interface.

One of the more popular ways to get the news on tablets are news aggregators. They’re independent applications that collect news for you. Skygrid, a recent release for the Android platform, a perfect example of this type of application.

Right now, the SkyGrid App for Android Tablets is available on the Android [...]

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Avoid The Taxman’s Wrath With QuickBooks’ App

by: Aerol BibatJuly 28, 2011

With the current economy, taxes may seem like a pain in the ass. However, no matter how we may dislike them, we still have to do them. And as the old saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right. And that’s what Intuit, a small software company that specializes in financial and tax preparation software, is helping you do with its latest release. The QuickBooks Mobile app for Android is a small app designed to work with Intuit’s other products, namely, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Online to manage your business’ financial records.

This is great news for any small company or business owner on the go. With QuickBooks [...]

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Vipre Mobile For Android Now In Beta

by: Aerol BibatJuly 25, 2011

Malware and viruses run rampant in the modern digital age, so you’ll probably need a bit of protection. That’s why you use an antivirus. One of the latest antivirus software to hit the stands is Vipre Antivirus. First hitting the Windows platform, the guys behind it are bringing it to Android. Android may be a young OS, but it’s already plagued with malware – which is why it’s the perfect time for Vipre Mobile to set up shop.

So what does Vipre mobile have to offer? Other than your basic security features for software, there are also some interesting bits that are aimed at phone and text messaging – also for parental controls, if you happen [...]

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Andy Pad Pro Soon To Hit Stores

by: Aerol BibatJuly 25, 2011

Cheap Android tablets are probably the standard right now. This is pretty obvious with all of the low-end models being hawked by retailers. The problem is choosing the right one – or at least the most cost-effective one.

The people behind the Andy Pad have been on a PR trip recently to convince people that they’re the best choice. They’ve slowly been releasing info on their Andy Pad product – along with the more high-end Andy Pad Pro.

The 7-inch Andy Pad is a nice-looking piece of hardware, anyway you slice it. The Pro isn’t much different when it comes to physical appearance. They share the same size and white chassis. What they do [...]

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