The Droid Bionic is probably one of the most awaited devices this year, and it’s finally been given a September release. There’s been a lot of speculation about it – too much speculation even. Until recently, we’ve been only been able to get the specs out of the rumor mill,…

PhoneLocator Pro Keeps Your Phone Safe

by on August 23, 2011 11:08 pm

Phones are pretty expensive things so you’re probably doing your best to make sure that you don’t lose yours. However, sometimes we really can’t help it if our phone gets stolen or misplaced. So what does a hapless smartphone owner do? Well, if you had installed RVO’s smartphone locator beforehand,…


Our phones are usually with us when we go out – however, there are sometimes when we can’t immediately access out phones. It may be because we left it behind somewhere or we’re currently preoccupied. This doesn’t mean that we should just leave people hanging when they message us. It…

Nuvel’s vSOS Now saves Lives On Android

by on August 21, 2011 11:36 pm

Taking care of yourself can be a dicey proposition. Accidents can happen and sometimes they can happen when you’re all alone. This is why Nuvel’s vSOS, a digital Life Alert service, is a great way to ensure your continued safety and the safety of those who you consider close to you….

Cowboys & Aliens To Hit Your Android Screens

by on August 21, 2011 11:35 pm

The summer film Cowboys & Aliens may not have been a blockbuster hit, but you have to admit it had a pretty fun and awesome concept to it: aliens and cowboys going up head-to-head against each other. Alien invading is pretty much one of the oldest tropes in the SF…

Samsung Gets A Reprieve For The Galaxy Tab

by on August 21, 2011 11:31 pm

We’ve already talked about Samsung’s legal troubles before. But it seems the Korean company has managed to get a little break from its problems with Apple over the legal wrangling about the Galaxy Tab 10.1. A German court has lifted a few of the restrictions on sales of the tablet…

Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank has a couple of handsets that are probably going to be the envy of phone users outside of Japan. First of all, is their new Yahoo! Phone. It may be a surprise for Western users, but Yahoo! is still a powerful force in Japan. It’s actually…


Cheap Android tablets are what we expect from Chinese manufacturers. After all, it’s a boom market and with the ease of making a tablet, it should be expected. However, it maybe easy to make a tablet, but its hard to make a good one. That’s why the LY-F526 from Shenzhen…


It’s football season once again! Although a few people may dislike the sport, it’s still no doubt one of the more popular sports in America. So what does this have to do with Android? Well, this season has a few highlights in the technology department, but the main one is…