Is AT&T about to try and compete with Netflix?

by: William Neilson JrAugust 20, 2014

AT&T acquires DirecTV LocalTVKDVR

AT&T is expected to begin trying to push customers towards watching their favorite cable channels live on their smartphone or tablet without having to sign into a “TV Everywhere” service.

Last week, AT&T’s chief strategy officer, John Stankey, announced that they expect to begin deployment of LTE Multicast at some point in 2015. The move to LTE Multicast is expected to give AT&T the ability to deliver content to a large amount of subscribers without using substantial network resources.

The CSO explained that AT&T believes people are willing to pay for conveniently delivered TV content, but “the reality of the industry today and how content is licensed and sold doesn’t fit elegantly into that model.” – DigitalTrends

This is another move by AT&T which signals their intent to seal the $48.5 billion merger with DirecTV as that move would give AT&T the ability to offer a number of plans and bundles.

Even though the cable industry has tried to push “TV Everywhere” to existing customers, it has so far failed in popularity. One survey showed that 82% of consumers had no idea what TV Everywhere entailed while just just 4% of cable consumers know their login information which is mandatory to access TV Everywhere.

  • Xavier_NYC

    This will fail because of the simple fact that it will eat up your data plan and AT&T will throttle you or charge you extra.

  • Jeff Edsell

    I hope they’re not considering trying to launch a Netflix killer with their current on-demand interface — it’s slow, clunky, slow, confusing, slow, difficult to navigate and search, and slow. And also slow.

    • Don’t forget that it will likely be costly with an average-at-best library.

    • Ed McMahon

      “How Slooooow Was It?”