AT&T Galaxy Note 3 coming on October 1st, T-Mobile to follow on Oct 2nd

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 6, 2013

Galaxy Note 3

Yesterday all four major U.S. carriers officially acknowledged their plans to carry the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, with Verizon announcing that pre-orders would start sometime today.

Ahead of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have officially announced pricing and shipping details for the Note 3 and Samsung’s new smartwatch.

For T-Mobile customers, the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will arrive on October 2nd. The Note 3 will require a down payment of $199 and 24 monthly payments of $21. The Gear will come in at $299.99.

Turning to AT&T, the Note 3 will ship on October 1st and will cost $299.99 with contract. The handset can also be had through the AT&T Next program for $35 a month.

As for the Galaxy Gear on AT&T? Right now the carrier states that smartwatch will arrive in the “coming weeks”. No pricing or exact date, though we’d imagine it will arrive around the same time as the Note 3 and will likely come in at the same $300 price mark that T-Mobile is selling it for.

For those looking to pre-order right away, AT&T seems to be the only carrier with a pre-order page up and ready. T-Mobile is taking pre-registration info, however.

So, how many folks are planning on picking up Samsung’s latest and greatest from day one?

  • Maurico Rembert

    Me, first to beat, master muffin

  • Xavier_NYC

    Just ordered my 32Gb G2 from AT&T for $574 no contract. The Note 3 was about $724 off contract for pre-order.. I’ll pass..

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    I find it odd that carriers dont see a flop coming with Note 3. Atleast its early in the product life they can find buyers for whatever existing enventory they get.

    • charlie brown

      really and how do you see a flop sir

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Could be wrong, I was wrong about the iphone 5. It still sold great and still does after I jumped ship from my 4S.

        • charlie brown

          i think you might be sir considering how well the note 2 did

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Hmmm yea well see, my theory is dumb dumbs still stuck on iphone/feature phones. This phablet market feels like its dominated by techies who understand the situation. Lets wait and see shal we sir ;-)

          • Mystery Man

            Never seen anyone but foreman and general contractors with Note’s….. Far from techies just wanted stylus and big screen

  • Lin

    C’mon T-Mobile, stop teasing us.

  • Dat N.

    I have pre-order my from AT&T website. It said shipping Oct. 1st (this year :)

  • Lin
    • Xavier_NYC

      $724 on AT&T that’s ridiculous

  • GG

    I will be making the switch from Apple to Android next month and the Note 3 is my top choice, closely followed by the LG G2. One concern I have with the Note 3 is the size. I like my iPhone because I can hold it in one hand easily (I have small hands) and it’s convenient to use while I’m laying down, holding it suspended in the air. Any phablet owners had a problem with the size in this fashion?

    • JL

      Same here :)

    • sfasljkas

      No problem for me wwith both notes