AT&T bringing 25 solar charging stations for mobile devices in New York

by: Alex SerbanJune 18, 2013
AT&T solar chargers

Image Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Time

AT&T seems to understand the need for more powerful batteries when all other components in a mobile device advance. Even though it won’t create batteries for its mobile devices, a lending hand will be delivered in the form of solar-powered charging stations.

Starting with Tuesday, New York will be the home of no less than 25 solar charging stations that can power batteries for all types of smartphones. Ready to charge up to six devices at a time, these stations can supply power through dedicated ports for Android-based products but also for iPhones, BlackBerry handsets and other gadgets that have a standard USB plug.

Designed with solar technology provided by mobile solar start-up Goal Zero, AT&T’s environment-friendly stations are 12.5-foot steel poles with three petal-like panes mounted on top to gather energy. The charge will be delivered through the base of the system were three other petals made out of wood will accommodate products.

The three petal-like panels run on a 15-watt charger which is then paired with a 168-watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that can sustain charges through the night or through five days without sunshine. Those who are willing to test them will be able to fill a smartphone battery in approximately two hours or grab a 30 percent charge in half an hour.

solar charging station

Image Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Time

The project will run for three to four weeks at a time until October and those interested should find one in various parks, beaches and other outdoor spaces in the five boroughs. The most predictable locations for these stations are spots such as the Union Square Park, Metrotech Plaza and the Rockaway Beach.

All 25 stations will be rotated and should be seen also in Orchard Beach, Governors Island, Pier 59 in the Hudson River Park, Coney Island, the Staten Island Zoo and around several cultural events.

AT&T is said to invest between $300,000 and $500,000 in the project, a sum which should bring back unmeasured benefits. This isn’t AT&T’s first initiative meant to help the community, as the carrier has offered free wireless hotspots mounted in subways, parks and during cultural events in the past.

Even though AT&T’s solar stations will not be carrier-restricted, with all Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile customers being permitted to charge their devices, AT&T will surely apply proper marketing strategies on each and every location. All in the hope of profiting from the fastest growing area in the telecommunications segment and, helping those in need.

  • milksop held

    What? Are you jus meant to stand around while they charge?

    • Ben Enos

      Pretty bad idea huh? Maybe people will just leave thier phones and come back in a couple hours :)

      • milksop held

        So much for reducing phone theft…

  • Ben Enos

    So people are either supposed to stand there for up to two hours while thier phones charge, or leave the phones plugged in and come back for them? In NYC???? LMAO!! I can’t believe they actually think people will use these. Nobody is going to stand there for even a half hour to charge thier phones.

    • Sky Ang

      i was thinking of this too bro. somethere there is barely shade at the charging station

  • sowhat

    beware of thieves ! good spot for em

  • seb

    Its nyc … theres like a thousands person per square foot lol … im sure with all that population a few of them are walking on the street with their phone completely dead … 10-15 min standing in front of theses station to get maybe 20% of ur charge back seems like a good idea :)