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The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 has received its first software update ever, according to reports from users on our Google+ page, as well as on Android Forums.

The update is a small one, weighing in at only 21.39 MB (as compared to the over 160 MB of the first T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 update), and, while no change log has been published yet, users are reporting performance improvements.

According to a user on our Google+ page, the update has fixed the lag the smartphone used to have, which is confirmed by a user on Android Forums, that says the lag is gone even with animations on. The same user also says that the update seems to have also reduced the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4’s use of RAM memory, as he has 300MB more free out of the available 2GB.

The improved performance is confirmed by other users, too so if you own the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4, make sure you get the update. It is available both over-the-air and through the Samsung Kies software.

And if you haven’t already made up your mind on getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 or not, you can always check out our review of the device:

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S4 and you’re on AT&T, have you received the update? Did you notice improvements?

Bogdan Bele
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  • Lin

    And why S3 on the photo..?



  • No One

    I’m new to android, so may be some one can answer this for me. If I buy GS4 international version. When Samsung release the update, do I get it via Samsung or my service provider? Which one is faster? I would assume via Samsung will be faster.

    Thank you!

    • Yes, via samsumg ‘ kies, furthermore, from ur own respecting service provider might be slow bcz of all the bloatwares.

    • Abdul

      The international versions of Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500, GT-I9505) will be the first ones to get updated because they are the unlocked ones and they get their updates directly from Samsung.

  • vernazio

    if you have the GS4 international version how it works is when everyone over seas get their update witch is before everyone in the states you will get your update sometime you have to use Samsung kies but its worth it but the unlocked one allready has that stuff so you don’t have to worry

  • jabhome

    Updating now and will report back, interested to see if RAM use drops as always fairly high use with no apps open.

  • jabhome

    Can confirm Touchwix UI is much snappier as animations don’t lag at all. No improvement to Ram use, maybe my set of apps

  • Kyzersosay

    C’mon Sprint can I get this update. The lag is driving me crazy

  • monkey business

    we here in dubai I think are the lucky ones to have the octa version. even it says only one processors works at a time. but honestly, this phone rocks without lagging. after the update I have received last may 7 the battery life extended and the battery charging is very fast. no more overheating issues. the only thing i dont like is the 9gb memory remaining for apps. 7 gb goes to the system but its not a big issue. it can be rooted but I wont try that.

  • Jay Weaver

    This update is killing my battery. I used to go 2-3 hours but now it does not last 24 hours.