AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 gets minor software update, no Jelly Bean yet

September 19, 2012
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    AT&T has made a software update available today for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even though it’s not the one you were probably hoping for, it does add a few handy features to tide you over until the Jelly Bean update rolls out.

    Today’s update weighs in at 82MB and updates the device to versionĀ UCALH9. While it doesn’t make major changes, the update does include one very noticeable feature: the addition of a brightness slider to the notification dropdown.

    Other important but not as apparent upgrades include under-the-hood improvements to VPN and enterprise security. Ā There is a new radio firmware included, versionĀ I747UCLH9, but it’s not likely that you’ll notice this unless you were having issues with signal quality before the update.

    Overall, this is a relatively minor update. We’re not likely to see much until the Jelly Bean update due in October. Of course, some of you who like to tinker are probably already running Jelly Bean on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3.

    To see if the update is available to you yet, check Ā Settings > About phone > Software update.

    So, AT&T customers, have you got your update yet?


    • Just got it!

      Just noticing that in the browser settings, separate brightness control is gone (or put somewhere else). I can’t find a browser specific brightness control anywhere. ugh!

      • Vince

        Umm use the notification brightness control…

    • Anonymous
    • Cheerful Charlie

      ATT is still sending out ICS? Man, way to go, ATT, glad to see you are up to date with what is going on in the world!

    • Lol wow

      They aren’t sending out ICS. They’re sending an update for ICS. There’s a big difference. So maybe you should actually read the article before commenting on att. L2read.

    • jaydub110

      Just got my update took about 30min on WiFi evrything looks fine I even have my brightness slider in my notification dropdown.

    • yanotsomuch

      Just updated mine.. took about 15 min dl + install. Brightness control in the tray seems to apply to everything including browser. Also notice browser skin seems different… favs and tabs control switched places. Anybody else notice this and other changes?

    • Minerva Skunk

      Nope…it says I have the latest build. No brightness control on my slider.

      • Minerva Skunk

        Ok got the update. Brightness controll on slide now. Thank you ATT!

    • NeoAthanasius

      Installed this on both of our phones and now the texting has stopped working. Anyone else with this problem?

      • Paul Graham

        Yes! I can’t send texts. Ideas to fix this?

        • NeoAthanasius

          We had to call AT&T customer support to get them to fix. They had to reset our phones on the network. Turned out to be an easy fix. I hope this helps!

    • Campbell Kerr

      My mate on Optus has the brightness slider, I’m on Telstra and hopefully not too far away (just checked then but no dice).

    • sep

      Can’t boot to CWM recovery anymore with this update (Galaxy 3S) – Volume up / power /home goes to Android system recovery

      • peepap

        You need to DL rom manager and reflash CWM. Thats how I got it back.

    • dr roberts

      got the update and having one noticeable problem with T9 (Samsung Keyboard), the T9 will list words choices in order, but NO LONGER chooses the obv choice for me. e.g when typing t-h-e, it no longer chooses ‘the’ but lists it as first choice…it leaves the generic ‘tgd’ in the window until I change it manually by selecting ‘the’ from the bar.

      Is this a setting or check box?

      • Jamie

        I’m having the same issue has anyone figured out how to fix this problem with the T9

    • CCMoor

      I have been trying to get this update for 5 days now. I also factory reset my phone and still not able to update I have I747UCLG1 now. How to I get update?

    • panorama

      they have panorama added now with this new update in camera

    • radstlman

      I am also having the t9 issues it is so annoying!

    • Vince

      Yeah I was having problems with this update..It kept telling me.check back in 24 hrs no update required..blah so i called tech support. He told me that there was an update but not until next month…he said the update should be going out to everyone within the first week of october…hmmm jelly bean i assume..i told him im talking about the ota firmware that came out probably a week or two…he said o…he told me to go to application manager-all-att&t software-clear data-force stop-wi-fi-settings-about phone-check update-new software begin to download…cross ya fingers my s3 gents…true story…right hand to the man…

      • CCMoor

        I did this may may time and still does not work. I still get Communication Failure and try again in 24 hrs. I called AT&T they said to call Samsung and samsung said it was an AT&T Problem. I move from IPhone to S3 and loved it so far but this is starting to make me feel I should have not. How to I get updates…

    • smokeyred_dot

      Anyone have problems sending text messages afterwards?

    • mike

      someone knows how stop this update?

    • Bonnie Budge

      Since getting the update my phone has been freezing up… At one point I had to pop my battery out 5 times before it would turn on :(