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In just a few hours T-Mobile will take the stage in New York City to discuss some of its “boldest moves yet”. Not to be outdone, AT&T is now sending out a teaser for an announcement on July 16th, asking us to “prepare for what’s next in wireless”. Similar to T-Mobile’s event, we really don’t know for sure what to expect from AT&T, but we can certainly speculate.

The announcement could be as simple as unveiling a few exclusive smartphones, or AT&T could be planning something more aggressive. Perhaps the rollout of some new wireless tech, a change in customer phone plans, or even the rumored Beats music streaming service that supposedly could come bundled with future AT&T plans? Any of these things are certainly possible.


In the teaser, AT&T simply says “July 16th” with no actual location or time for the event. This could mean the announcement take place in formal press event, or even a simple press release.  If it is an actual public event, we can expect location details to arrive shortly.

Whatever AT&T does reveal, odds are it won’t be nearly as exciting as AT&T leads us to believe with its pre-announcement hype, though we’d love to be wrong. What do you think AT&T has in store for us on July 16th?

Andrew Grush
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