July 10, 2013

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In just a few hours T-Mobile will take the stage in New York City to discuss some of its “boldest moves yet”. Not to be outdone, AT&T is now sending out a teaser for an announcement on July 16th, asking us to “prepare for what’s next in wireless”. Similar to T-Mobile’s event, we really don’t know for sure what to expect from AT&T, but we can certainly speculate.

The announcement could be as simple as unveiling a few exclusive smartphones, or AT&T could be planning something more aggressive. Perhaps the rollout of some new wireless tech, a change in customer phone plans, or even the rumored Beats music streaming service that supposedly could come bundled with future AT&T plans? Any of these things are certainly possible.


In the teaser, AT&T simply says “July 16th” with no actual location or time for the event. This could mean the announcement take place in formal press event, or even a simple press release.  If it is an actual public event, we can expect location details to arrive shortly.

Whatever AT&T does reveal, odds are it won’t be nearly as exciting as AT&T leads us to believe with its pre-announcement hype, though we’d love to be wrong. What do you think AT&T has in store for us on July 16th?

Andrew Grush
Andrew is dedicated to reporting on the latest developments in the world of Android, and is very passionate about mobile technology and technological innovation in general. While he appreciates Android in all of its forms, he prefers a clean stock experience when possible and currently rocks a Nexus 5. Andrew also loves to engage with his readers, and welcomes well-thought-out conversations and responses in the comments section!
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