AT&T rumored to launch “All in One” prepaid plans in June, starting at $50 for smartphone users

by: Andrew GrushMay 3, 2013


A few years ago the word “prepaid” had a near-taboo connotation in the United States, especially when it came to cellular devices. Carriers like Straight Talk have helped change this image, as has the release of the LG Nexus 4 and T-Mobile’s recent push of its “uncarrier” strategy.

The big carriers are having a harder time getting us locked into contracts, which is why Verizon recently unveiled its own no-contract, device payment option. It’s also likely why AT&T is believed to be creating a new prepaid cell service under its existing “All in One” brand.

What makes the new prepaid service different from their current GoPhone offering? Much more aggressive rates, for starters.

According to a report from Fierce Wireless, AT&T’s new plans will launch on June 15th with limited testing in Florida and Texas beginning later this month. The report indicates that the terms and pricing are still subject to change.

If all goes as it is should, there will be a feature plan for $35 and a smartphone plan starting at $50.

For the feature plan, AT&T will provide unlimited talk, text and an unspecified amount of limited data. The $50 smartphone plan will also provide unlimited talk and text, with 2GB mobile data. If that’s not enough data for ya, a $70 version will bring that cap up to 5GB.

Not bad AT&T, not bad at all.

How does the new plan compare to other major carriers? Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T’s GoPhone service all currently provide unlimited talk and text for $60. T-Mobile gives you 2.5GB of data, GoPhone provides 1GB, and Verizon has just 500MB. Of course your cheapest route is still going to be with an MNVO like Straight Talk ($45, unlimited).

Right now we can’t say for sure if AT&T plans to replace its GoPhone plan with the new “All in One” option, or if both services will co-exist. What do you think, if the new AT&T prepaid plan is as good as it seems, would you be interested?

  • Justin Winker

    Only if AT&T offers it’s LTE with it’s prepaid $50 option.

  • still no LTE I guess?

  • Timmy

    As a former AT&T wireless and UVerse customer, their motto seems to be “Bring ‘Em In and Forget ‘Em.” I’m not fond of companies that treat loyal customers like dirt after kissing a$$ to get your business in the first place.

    I know that for some, AT&T is the only way they can get a reliable signal so if that were my situation, I’d probably go with them. The rates are competetive and there’s a good selection of phones but probably not worth it if you can’t get LTE speeds.

    After a year with Straight Talk, I moved to T-Mobile. If this were available a month ago, I think I would have still gone with T-Mobile even if LTE were part of the plan. It’s hard to trust a company that works so hard to get your business but doesn’t work at all to keep it.

  • Pradaman Shorey

    i hope they offer LTE, i went from att>straight talk. on a $45 per month plan..
    i will be more than happy to switch to ATT for an extra 5 bucks.. LTE and more reliability..

  • I’m curious.

    It’s hard to beat TMobile’s $30/month 100min/5GB 4G. Not great using voip to fill the shortage in minutes but it works. Hopefully TMobile will be filling their network holes soon.

  • Marcus Harmon

    I doubt this will be successful. AT&T’s past prepaid plans for smartphones literally sucked. Now, this is a slight improvement. Currently, T-Mobile is the best choice for a prepaid smartphone and their all are not too bad. I do not think AT&T will gain a lot of users from this new strategy, but it is better for those currently with a prepaid smartphone plan on AT&T

  • Nick

    The $50 plan, if it is actually as prediction, will be a huge success. Just look at Straight Talk and Net10 before they removed the AT&T sim cards.

  • very interested, however considering straightalk as well. I was going to go for t-mobile but I only hear very negative things about the reception where I live

  • smartshopper

    Straight talk still blows them out of the water!