AT&T surprises LG G2 owners with KitKat update

by: Shawn IngramFebruary 23, 2014

LG G2 Review Hands On

AT&T has some unexpected good news for LG G2 owners, the phone’s update to Android 4.4 KitKat is now rolling out to users.

The carrier announced the update roll out on its official blog, catching us by surprise. Unlike HTC, LG hasn’t spent a lot of time telling its users when the KitKat update will come to their phones. It’s hard to complain with a relatively speedy update, though.

The update brings along all the standard KitKat upgrades including the new fullscreen mode, redesigned status and navigation bars, closed caption support, and better security. AT&T also says the update will improve battery life of the phone, though the battery inside the LG G2 was quite impressive before the update thanks to its size. There’s also the promise of faster processing, and cloud printing through Google Cloud Printer.

The one G2-specific feature highlighted in the blog post is Knock On. The update to KitKat improves the feature that lets you wake the G2 by tapping the display twice by making it more responsive.

There isn’t much more to say about the update to KitKat, except that AT&T G2 owners can wait for the carrier to push the update to their phone. Or, if you’re impatient you can check for in manually in the Software Update option in the About phone section of Settings.

If you have a G2 on AT&T with the update, is KitKat a significant improvement for your phone? Everyone else, are you still waiting for your update to KitKat?

  • Marné Prinsloo

    Why do you have white text on a white background?

  • Rocco

    Saw about this popping up this afternoon and luckily, the update went through the first time. Some apps and screen transitions are definitely improved far as speed. Knock is much more sensitive. Battery life seems better, but I didn’t think it was lacking to begin with, but tomorrow at work I’ll be able to tell any big difference. My wife’s Chrome app kept stopping for a while, and the app itself looks just like a it does on my Nexus, which was a change.

  • Guest123

    would be nice if they would surprise Optimus G Pro owners with an update, six months older and still on 4.1.2. . . but then again 4.4 breaks SD cards in ways and text wrapping/reflow, so maybe I’m lucky.

    • antiochasylum

      It does no such thing. Google changed the way apps read and write to the SD cards. It’s by no means broken. It’s meant to be more secure so if you installed something, it won’t have access to your entire SD card. Please know facts before you post.

      • Guest123

        maybe you should educate yourself a little more. I read that article when it came out, and was fully informed long before it came out, and you can see my comments on that article. . . and like many others commenting on that article, google broke SD cards and how they work with user installed apps, thus Samsung users who recently got updated to 4.4 can’t do shit with their sd cards.

        another stupid google move just like killing text wrapping/reflow. . . absolutely no benefit to end users and breaks a lot of standard use case scenarios.

        Yeah, installing a file explore that doesn’t have access to my entire ext_SD is brilliant!!!! apps that can’t access shit on my ext_SD. .. brilliant!!!

        Now you have to root, void your warranty, just to manage your ext_SD, and to top it off, now you’ll have a shit ton of folders that don’t need to be there — much wiser to use common folders instead of individual app folders that don’t play well with anything else. . . etc. . .

        Google shoved its head up its collective ass on 4.4 in an attempt to lock down android and force users into their “system installed” apps.

        • corey

          Come down off your ivory tower and enjoy your outdated phone or buy a new android phone and be happy OR go buy an iPhone and shut get off android forums period. :)

          • corey

            And just*

          • Guest123

            Are you an idiot? Obviously you are. The Optimus G Pro is a new device, still on sale at AT&T. The second gen hasn’t even hit the streets yet, get a clue fanboy.

          • tyler

            Guest123 smh, lol sometimes its best to just not say anything at all. corey I get what you’re trying to say don’t mind the ignorant douchebag! Trololol

    • antiochasylum

      It does no such thing. Google changed methods in KitKat.

      Here go educate yourself before posting false info.

      • Guest123

        What??? My comment about google allowing users to control app permissions wasn’t allowed?

        You arguing about security is a joke when google is causing the security issues — allow some control over app permissions for the users, and clean up their play store, etc. .

  • Gabriel Galli

    Okay, this may be a dumb question, but can somebody explain my how/why the hell carriers control firmware updates?
    I’ve googled it a bit and found this:, but I wanted a more detailed/technical approach. Does anybody know any other link?
    I’ve already seen kernel (and firmware too, if I’m not mistaken) name customized with a carrier name (in the “About phone” thing). Is it related to that?

    • Guest123

      Essentially, carriers buy the devices wholesale from the OEM, thus they own the device and do with it as they please. Few OEMs have the power to tell the carriers not to put bloatware on their devices and push updates directly.

      Therefore, when it comes time to push an update, the OEM sends the update to the carrier, and they do what they want to it and then push it out to *their* devices.

      So, when you walk into a carrier’s store and buy some OEM’s device, you are actually buying the carrier’s device. If you want the OEM’s device, then buy an unlocked device direct from that OEM, which may not be possible in some cases as the carrier will contract that they are the only ones to sell the device.

      • Gabriel Galli

        Hmm, thanks mate!

  • patrick

    First HTC, now LG. Hurry up Samsung and VZW with the S4 Kitkat update.

    • WTF LG????

      ANYWAY!!! lets get this straight, so LG did not

      – fix the screen flickering issue due to auto contrast

      – phantom screen selection
      – ram management
      – auto focus problem when taking video
      – did not add browser to qslide
      – no 4k capability
      – speaker volume is too low
      – screen is too over saturated and makes the screen look dimmer than it should
      – no ART

      – instead LG make the status icons WHITE and put more bloat into the phone ie. cloud printing

      • Vince

        Are you referring to the touch screen issue found here?

        I guess it is indeed a hardware issue then. What a bummer!

      • David

        A week later and i STILL haven’t received the update.
        The white icons and cloud printing is Google. Nothing to do with LG. Now the rest of those items…

    • jeff

      Congats. Its a shame the largest galaxy s4 maker cant focus enough too push out the update. But since they are working on TIZEN I guess thats their focus. YES…IM TALKING ABOUT YOU SAMSUNG !!!!!

  • Keith Taylor

    Just got it. Lots of AT&T bloat

  • Keith Taylor

    I didnt want beats, didnt want about five other apps that ATT placed on it…

  • Phill

    Kit Kat totally fixed my battery issues. Before the update I could only get 12 hours whether I used my phone or not. It’s been 15 hours so far and its still 80%.

    • Jeremy Cook

      I’m seeing the same thing… I’m at 48 hours and 40% battery left.

  • Krissy B

    Really Don’t see a difference besides the way the notifications bar and gallery look. really couldve lived without this

  • Rocco Biscieglia

    not showing up in Delaware on my phone – I have been trying for 3 days now – anyone else not getting it?

    • Mike

      Not getting it here in Maryland, either. Been what, five days now?

      Android is great, but REALLY sucks with software updates. This is stupid.

      • Rocco Biscieglia

        I was able to have them push it via the chat support on my att site.

  • Eddy

    The G2 is easily a competitor for every other high-end smartphone out there. The “weird” button layout works for us, and it’s paired with some smart touch functions that are well thought out. The phone looks and feels great, and just works as a smartphone should.