Android 4.3 update now rolling out to AT&T’s HTC One

by: Andrew GrushOctober 8, 2013


HTC might not have lived up to its original pledge to bring Android 4.3 to North American carriers by the end of September, but it’s certainly not too far behind. Last week Sprint customers saw the upgrade to Android 4.3, and now HTC’s USA President Jason Mackenzie confirmed in a tweet that the AT&T upgrade is pushing out today!

The new 565.7MB update is arriving under build number 3.17.502.3 and seems to be about the same as what we saw with the Sprint update. That means we not only get Android 4.3 goodies like OpenGL ES 3.0 and an enhanced Daydream feature, but we also get a few Sense 5 enhancements as well.

As to be expected, this is a staged rollout, meaning it may take a few days to reach all AT&T users. Not sure if the update has reached you yet? You can always try manually updating by heading to About Phone> Software Update.

For those with a Verizon or T-Mobile version of the HTC One, the wait is still on, though hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Judging by each company’s history, T-Mobile’s update will probably come next, with Verizon’s Android 4.3 upgrade occurring last.

Anyone lucky enough to grab this update yet? If so, what do you think so far?

  • wel wakker

    What about The Netherlands? Even do we het the update?

    • djduijs

      I hope so!!!

  • Notch Brick

    Just got it-Question, I plan to root it now, do I have to find specific 4.3 roms etc?

  • EnX$$

    i love the New HTC <3

  • Brian Shieh

    Awesome will check very SOON

  • dhairston

    I have been trying for the past hour…download is going at a snails pace.

  • Anthony

    Downloading now. Big file!! I had to go to settings, about, at&t updates to get it to download but it’s going on right now

    • Headshot

      I also went through AT&T updates. When you finished did it show 4.3 or still showing 4.1.2 like mine?

  • Scott Ricketts

    Where’s OTA T-Mobile????

    • Amine Elouakil

      next week.

  • Adam

    All I really want to know from this update is if they fixed the purple camera issue?

    • marcus hm

      i had this purple camera issue before..but after i sent my phone for servicing and they changed the camera, it is all good now. Better send in your phone for servicing while it is still under warranty

      • Adam

        I just sent in my phone for a light leak on the display and it took over a month for them to receive it and send it back fixed but I never noticed the purple tint till I got it back. I still really like the phone but there are a lot of problems with this particular One.

  • David King

    Installed this morning. Waiting now for my health hardware to take advantage of Bluetooth LE spec ion my One! Other than that, it is about the same.

  • donovanf

    Mine supposedly updated but it still shows 4.1.2 I don’t know what to do or

    • Headshot

      Same here. Others mentioned downloading a 500mb+ file but mine was 245mb, accessed from “AT&T software update” button and not thought the regular “about/software updates” path.

      • Amine Elouakil

        Your phone wasn’t update I guess, talking from my experience with a EU phone, I’ve got that update in April, then got 4.2.2 in June, waiting for 4.3, so I guess after that update you should try and search for the new again

  • RS

    My HTC one is downloading And 4.3 but at a slow least it is updating.. :)

  • John Profita

    just came home check for updates and the phone went into this long 45 minute update got Android 4.3 just came on AT&T

  • John Profita

    been checking it out I’ve had it for about 30 minutes so far I really like it . HTC One & at&t ## One. who needs iPhone.

  • Wallace Gordon

    so far I’m very happy with this upgrade. It took awhile to download because of the size of the file but after several restart it allowed me to resume in the downloads appear a little faster so stay tuned!

  • M Anderson

    Would be good to know when this is hitting the UK. It’s been a long wait. Buying the phone on specs as soon as it came out really dosent do you any favours with all the promises of an update soon. Google Nexus released it months ago .

    • Amine Elouakil

      Probably before the end of the month unless your phone is carrier branded, NA is getting the update first because they didn’t get 4.2.2 unlike europe

  • Alex

    Battery life is markedly decreased after 4.3 update.

    • Amine Elouakil

      It shoudn’t reset your battery stats if it is the case

  • profile

    Updated my HTC one an it have two phone icon two message icons two world icons and two contact icons on it an I can’t remove one of each can someone help me


    So when does t-mobile get its update?