AT&T Galaxy S4 release date set for April 27, pre-orders arriving as soon as April 25

by: Chris SmithApril 22, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 top side aa

In a short Twitter message AT&T has confirmed that the in-store release date for the Galaxy S4 is set for Saturday, April 27:

Starting 4/27, #Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB available in our stores. #GalaxyS4

The carrier already has the handset available for pre-order – the 16GB Galaxy S4 version sells for $199.99 with new two-year contracts – but AT&T has failed to specify in its Galaxy S4 pre-order announcement when the device will hit its brick-and-mortar stores.


Furthermore, while AT&T lists April 30 as the ship date for Galaxy S4 pre-orders, it looks like some buyers will get their unit a few days earlier than expected. According to the AT&T notification in the screenshot below, some early Galaxy S4 buyers will be receiving it “as soon as April 25th.”


A few days ago, AT&T posted an April 23 ship date for the Galaxy S4 on the handset’s pre-order page, but the date was quickly replaced with the April 30 ship date that was initially offered by the carrier. At the time, we wondered whether it was just a glitch in the system or whether lucky early Galaxy S4 buyers will get their new toy a lot earlier than expected. It now appears that AT&T has indeed managed to ship early at least a few units.

In case you need to know more details about the U.S. Galaxy S4 launch, then check out our handy guide here. Should you need more details about the Galaxy S4 before you decide whether to buy it or not, then check out our thorough review (video available above).

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    It is perfect to use GS4 with this to add extenal storage!!!

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    contacted ATT confirmed ship date for april 23 or 24

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    Galaxy S4 Temperature & Humidity Test:

  • Mihai Codruț Nanu
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    Samsung’s new smartphone sports an improved design over the Galaxy S3 and is packed with a ton of high-end features and specialized software. The device, which runs the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, has a super-size screen and higher resolution, more battery capacity, and faster processor than its predecessor.Until the next arrival of the iphone 6.

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    its a superb phone . nice post