AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update resumes – download build I337UCUEMK2

by: Chris SmithNovember 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 aa (33)

AT&T on Wednesday announced it has resumed the software update for the Galaxy S4, which means handset owners can upgrade the smartphone to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

A few days ago, the carrier released its Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, only to later pull it without providing any details as to what convinced it to remove it. Coincidentally, the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update was also pulled in certain markets just before AT&T stopped its update for the newer Galaxy S4.

Now, the company says that the new Android 4.3 firmware version “includes multiple improvements,” without specifying what has been improved. The company says the update is available for download over Wi-Fi only, revealing that it measures 727MB in size. Before updating, you should make sure you have enough battery life to go through the process, and you should consider backing up your personal data before you start.

In addition to the new Android 4.3 features, the update also includes support for Galaxy Gear use, call reliability improvements and a drag and drop feature to uninstall or disable application.

The new update has baseband version I337UCUEMK2, build number JSS15J.I337UCUEMK2 and should already be available to AT&T Galaxy S4 users.

Have you upgraded to Android 4.3? Is everything working properly?

  • anthony

    Everything seems to be working just fine so far.

    • teste

      what about the batery ? its draining faster there too?

      • anthony

        I haven’t really had any problems with the battery so far.

    • Sahil Sood

      How did you get it? I called AT&T and they said it hasn’t been re-rolled yet.

  • Joe Zywics

    I am having a problem with the s translator, keep getting a unknown error message, will not translate worked before the updated has not worked since, thought this newer update would help but did not, tried the hard restart and battery pull

  • Daniel Hickman

    Has anyone else had the issue with update stopping around 20%?

    • dasocialmisfit

      Yep same here ur not alone buddy

      • EW

        Same here. I just want to cancel the d/l but it won’t let me!

  • ethan clark

    I’ve found I can’t connect to the wifi. I keep getting told authentication error Then It says it’s the password.

    • jolene

      Same here what can we do about it and is yours fixed yet?

      • ethan

        Yeah I forgot how it fixed it though

  • ncskywarn

    This update is definitely more stable but there’s also still major battery drain issues that have not been fixed

  • Bob

    It’s an IT department dream come true….Crackberry book 2….it’s job security not a useful tool.

  • dasocialmisfit

    tried to download yesterday and it stopped ,so i tried to download today and got 87% and it got interupted again ..what the hell is going on now man

  • JMP

    Mine says “No update available for your device at this time…” and I’m using an S4.

  • Douglas Darden

    My phone is telling me that it’s already up to date but I don’t have 4.3

  • aboy

    constant freezing after installing the new update to 4.3…what do i do and how can this be fixed?

  • dasocialmisfit

    I found a solution to my problems… I complained to at&t and they sent me a new phone free of charge and now the download works fine

  • fred

    Hello everyone I m an AT&T customer and has been for 4years, unfortunately I am very unhappy right now. I have been waiting for the 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4 Active. My wife overheard me telling a friend the Galaxy Gear is an awesome device. So she purchased the watch for my birthday on 12/20/13 after the salesman assure her the update was scheduled for 12/24/13 only 4 days after purchase. As we all know the update never happen causing us to take the watch back.

    Yesteday I finally got AT&T to commit to a date of March 2014 for the update 4.3 for the S4 Active. That sucks because 4.4 Kit Kat is expected to role out. This sucks I am very unhappy with AT&T.

  • khanh

    i’m new android user. i’m using gs4 AT&T but im not living in US so i have to unlock my fone so i can’t update fimware and android :( some body help me