AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update is underway

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 14, 2013

Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

Samsung may be facing technical difficulties in updating the Galaxy S3 in Europe, but everything seems to go to plan when it comes to the American AT&T version of the Galaxy S4.

The AT&T Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update has kicked off in earnest today, with AT&T users reporting on XDA-developers and other channels the presence of an over-the-air update package that weighs in at 719MB. The update brings support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung’s Knox secure work environment, and slew of under the hood improvements, such as support for OpenGL 3.0, support for the TRIM command (should speed up flash storage), better RAM management, and enhancements to Samsung’s proprietary apps. Overall, your AT&T Galaxy S4 should receive a slight speed boost, thanks to the tweaks applied in this update.

The Android 4.3 update brings firmware to build number JSS15J.1337UCUEMJ9, and rolls out as an OTA now. Check out the About Device section on your Galaxy S4, though patience is the name of the game with OTA releases.

With the Android 4.3 updates for Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular behind us, and now AT&T joining the fun, T-Mobile is the only big carrier left to roll the update to the Galaxy S4. According to a leaked roadmap that proved accurate so far, we can expect T-Mo’s update around November 18.

  • Jorell

    Good, good… I’ve been waiting for this. Now I have 2 phones I won’t be getting the Gear for lol

  • Joshua

    The only problem that i have with this update is that the mobile data icon is gone from the notification panel. They seem to have removed it completely.

    • MCP

      I’d noticed the same thing… you can still get to it under settings (cog icon in pull down) –> connections tab–> more networks–> mobile networks–> mobile data check box. But still, it seems like a glaring omission. I’m hoping they correct this, and soon as I use it a lot. And no, I don’t want to add a widget to my homescreen- it should just be alongside the other connection settings. I’ve looked at some friends phones on Verizon and the Data Network Icon is still under the main pulldown. This seems to be an ATT issue.

      • Joshua

        Let’s hope they fix the problem asap!

      • H

        i have the same problem through sprint, and it’s my biggest problem with the update, as I use it all the time.

      • Commenting

        Got it. Thanks! It is tremendously cumbersome, though. And there is no visual for you to know if you are using data or not. An absolute disaster :-(
        I hope a fix comes in right away.

        • Commenting

          I looked around the Play Store and found a nice toggle widget. It is called DataSwitch and it works beautifully for my phone. Free and ad free!

          I placed it on my home screen and can now turn data on and off with a simple touch. Though I noticed that when I turn on the data, if there is a WiFi connection available it picks it up. So if I want to use my data, and not the WiFi connection, I have to turn this one off.

          I also learned that with this Android version, WiFi is on always as default. To turn this feature off, go to Settings, Connections, WiFi, then select Advance from the menu and uncheck the Always allow scanning option.

          Hope this helps until they come up with the fixes.
          I also heard that there are glitches using Skype and I have not been able to make calls using Google Voice.

          • Johnny

            I saw an app called “Data On/Off” which is simple and works great, too. More downloads than the toggle one mentioned above …

      • David Soler

        It’s not such a big deal. My phone still responds flawlessly so, I care less if the mobile data isn’t available in the pull down menu.

    • anthony

      I’ve got the same problem. Makes me wonder why they would do that in the first place.

    • David Soler

      I’ve noticed that it was missing after my 4.3 update as well. I don’t think they’re going to put it back but, I found another way to get to it and it’s just as easy to open. You may already know this but, i’ll share it anyway. Go into your widgets and look for “settings shortcut 1×1” do a long press and when you’re taken to the home screen just release and a whole menu of settings shortcuts will open up. Just tap on the one you want and it’ll become a shortcut on that specific page :)

      • Commenting

        Thanks. But on that setting shortcut menu, I don’t see an icon for the mobile data.

        • David Soler

          See on the first row; its the 4th app shortcut on the right.

          • Guest

            My Sprint GS4 seems to have a different organization than yours. There are no right and left apps. Thanks anyway!

          • Commenting


        • Guest

          The one that says Data usage. That’s the shortcut I’m talking about.

          • Commenting

            Thanks! I found an easy widget as well, DataSwitch. I posted about it below.

          • Niranjan

            Thanks, however its not the same easy way, but it works.

        • David Soler

          The app that says Data usage.

        • David Soler

          I’m new to this site. I accidently posted the same image 4 times.

    • JR

      Same what happen to me my friend. Now it’s gone and I have to manually go to the settings.

  • Shark Bait

    and unfortunately touch wiz still look as bad as ever!

    • Debatable, it’s come a long way from the Gingerbread days, I personally don’t think it’s that bad. I’ve been rocking a 4.3 leak on my S3 for like 2 weeks now and I was a huge AOSP fanboy.

      • Shark Bait

        The only good thing I can see is the camera app is better, the rest looks kind of cartoony to me. Just doest look as sleek and modern as sense or googles does. I think its time to overhaul their ui, I’m sure samsung could do better

    • truepopo

      who cares about touch wiz? who even uses it anyways? just slap nova on and never utter the touch wiz words again

      • Shark Bait

        Touch wiz is more than just a launcher

        • truepopo

          such as? and whatever it is it so ugly i jump away so fast that i can get all the same features on nova without seeing touch wiz

          • Shark Bait

            I’d say touch wiz is becoming the operating system it runs, a distribution of android if you like. I’d include all the terrible bundled apps, settings, camera and other useless feature like s voice and eye tracking.

            The launcher is the front end of touch wiz. But it goes much deeper into stuff that can’t be removed so easily

  • gayshates

    My update came with a glitch!! The music player is constantly opening itself and isn’t in the task manager to force close it. I have to go into active aps to close and eve as soon acts I do it’s back to popping up again -___- super annoying

    • Dave White

      mine is doing the same! it is driving me nuts!

  • Robert Waterman

    Received the ota last night, downloaded it, but I phone still shows 4.2.2, my wife’s phone also. What happened?

    • tjy

      Mine too, do you know what happened?

    • Dave

      I posted up above that they pulled the update for some glitches that were happening.

  • Douglas Darden

    I started to download the update and I’m not sure what happened after that because when I went to check my version it shows 4.2.2. Not sure if the update was applied or not.

    • Manny

      Mine shows this too! Were you ever able to find out why? Thanks!

      • Douglas Darden

        I still have no idea what is going on with this update.

        • Manny

          ok, thanks for the reply!

    • Danny Jimenez

      It happened to me last night and it shows 4.2.2 and up to date. What the heck. It doesn’t look good for me and just hope they get it together.

    • Dave

      I called Samsung and they pulled the update to fix some issues. Not sure when it will be released again. If you missed it Thursday you missed it.

  • Yea that’s great and all, but where the hell is the 4.3 update for the S3? We got no 4.2.2 love, and I got tired of 4.1.2 long ago. That’s why I’ve been running an AOSP 4.2.2 ROM until this new 4.3 touchwiz leak came out a few weeks ago. I’m already on 4.3 but can we get an official update?

  • kera

    This is only for s4.?!?! What about the s3.??!!

  • Emily G

    Mine got to half way and stopped. Now it says I’m up to date but obviously android 4.2.2 is not the latest version. So annoyed

    • Philip Caccamise

      yeah same with me. anybody got a suggestion?

    • Dave

      Mine did that too, I called Samsung and they pulled the update

    • GTP

      Mine did the same thing. Any updates on the update?

  • steelew

    Does anybody have ROOT yet? (without using vroot)

  • Lizmacq

    I got the update, on AT&T, Thursday night. I haven’t really had time to explore it yet, but the Knox Security is really annoying. It puts a little shield on the notification bar saying it blocked an application, but I can’t figure out what application it has blocked.

  • alex

    I just spoke with att customer service and the update was put live on nov 14 but att pulled the update on nov 15 due to issues and they wouldnt give me a date for a fix or when it would be released again.

  • Lu

    hi my galaxy s4 completely turn black, that’s any body knows what is going on, I only have a light like yellow green in the left up corner of the phone, thanks for any help…

  • Lu

    … I haven’t started any update or anything, it was just next to me and I heard a noise and when I went to check it is like off, it doesn’t let me turn it off or on, and the light is flashing

  • JR

    Just updated last night with android 4.3 version and the mobile menu on the Internet was I have to manually go to the settings. Such a hassle

  • mdd

    I too am really upset that the mobile data quick icon has been removed from the notifications drop down. I used it often and want to know when it is on or off like my WiFi or Bluetooth. It aught to be located in that group of quick icons!! I think this is AT&T’s way of making it hard to check on your mobile date usage causing an overuse and hence making more money when exceeding their data plans. Of all the quick icons to remove – why remove that one??